‘I Am Not Okay With This’: We Need to Talk About That Ending

Sydney’s powers made the season 1 finale of I Am Not Okay with This an explosive one. See what I did there? #NoRegrets. But in all seriousness, the season 1 finale of this show is probably one of the most bonkers I’ve seen in a while.

Let’s backtrack.

So, everyone’s headed to the dance. Sydney and Dina, after working on their deteriorating friendship, end up going together. They are kind of having a good time, dancing and drinking, when Sydney decides it’s time to apologize to Stanley for the way she treated him. The apology goes well and they all come together to have a fun night at the dance.

What follows is confirmation that Dina has feelings for Sydney that surpass just friendship. But wait, Brad can’t have them being happy without him being A) part of the fun or B) part of the destruction of their evening. He decides to go for B when he really really should’ve gone for A. Seriously Brad…

He stole the journal that Sydney has been pouring her little heart out into via the guidance counselors instructions. It’s not certain if she wrote about her powers in the journal but from Sydney’s reaction, she probably did. So Brad decides that it’s time to do a little light reading at the expense of Sydney because he’s jealous and blames his breakup on Sydney.

Unfortunately for Brad, he doesn’t get very far. Just as he starts reading and is about to get to the juicy parts of things…HIS HEAD EXPLODES! Thank you Sydney’s powers. You came in at the moment she needed you. But seriously, Sydney’s powers manifested in a manner that just leaves you going, “Did that really happen?”

The crowd goes wild, half of the dance goers covered in blood. Sydney makes a break for it while Dina kneels by Brad’s decapitated body, and Stanley (being the bro he is) has his eyes on Sydney’s diary. Not that Sydney knows any of this. She just made a guy’s head explode and she has to run, afraid of her powers and what will happen now that she’s killed someone.

Sydney keeps running, police cars passing right by her that pay her no mind, until she reaches the town tower. Now, we know that there’s been something following Sydney. A silhouette was there when her powers went pop before by the railway, outside of her house, and inside the library. This silhouette finally makes his presence known when Sydney is up there on that tower.

His face isn’t shown but we definitely know it’s a guy who knows about Sydney’s powers and wants to help her develop her powers. And he doesn’t want to do this out of the kindness of his heart. He knows that people will now fear her and believes that those around her should. This isn’t Obi-Wan, y’all.

This is something darker, something more twisted. And it all starts with Sydney, her powers, and the mysterious stranger following her around who has finally made his intent known. Here’s hoping we get a second season of I Am Not Okay with This because I desperately want answers. It is known. 

I Am Not Okay with This is now available on Netflix.

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