‘Love, Victor’ Moves From Disney+ to Hulu

Sometimes it concerns me what Disney considers “family friendly” and what it doesn’t. I think sometimes that that they don’t realize that there are a lot of things that are family friendly and don’t need to go under the 1950’s theme of family friendly.

The rumor is that Love, Simon – which has a new title Love, Victor has been moved to Hulu from Disney +. Rumor for the change – as you can tell by my rant – is that it is because it wasn’t family friendly.

And it turns out that it may not be the first time. Even Hillary Duff had something to say about it.

If they dare try and wholesome up Lizzie McGuire– I am going to riot.

Love, Victor centers on Victor (Michael Cimino), “a new student at Creekwood High School — the same high school as the movie — on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation.”

The 10 episode run will begin in Hulu this June, which is Pride Month. The season 2 writers room has already opened. Which, we are thrilled AF.

Love, Victor is a show that we’re really looking forward to and we’re hoping that it pushes the boundaries. Kids need to be able to see themselves on the TV screen and not feel like they can’t relate to anything.

Nick Robinson will narrate the show. Michael Cimino, James Martinez, Ana Ortiz, Isabella Ferreira, and Mateo Fernandez. Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, who wrote the film, executive produce the series and serve as showrunners. 

What do you think of the move? Are you excited for Love, Victor?

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