Book Review: It Devours by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

I started this book in September 2018, but took a long break until mid January 2020. When I picked it back up earlier this year, I quickly learned that I was just 7 pages from the action hitting. If only I had stuck it out a little longer in 2018, it wouldn’t have sat unread.

It Devours is a Night Vale novel. For those who don’t follow, Night Vale is a podcast about the town of Night Vale, where everything is…different. I don’t listen to the podcast, but I’ve read Welcome to Night Vale (the other NV novel), and really enjoyed it. This book had some of the same characters, and the podcast has the same folks in it as well.

Flashing gif of a radio tower with lightening bolts

While you don’t need to read the prior book or listen to the podcast, they are helpful when it comes to the style. When I said things in Night Vale were different, I meant it. They don’t believe in mountains, time doesn’t work the way we’re used to, and angels don’t exist. Night Vale is a unique place.

It Devours follows Nilanjana, a scientist and interloper (she wasn’t born in Night Vale), as she starts studying a strange occurrence. Entire buildings, and their inhabitants, start disappearing from Night Vale, leaving a giant hole in their wake. Nilanjana investigates all she can, trying to decipher what exactly could be causing things to disappear. Or rather, what is devouring them.

It Devours book cover: yellow cover with pink mouth full of white teeth.

This book took a minute to take off, but when it did, it was action packed. Once Nils had a start, she took off running. And even though things are different from what we’re used to, Night Vale is written by some capable folks who know how the heck to craft a story.

I really enjoyed reading It Devours. I think it shows some unique takes on science and religion, without being over the top. Also, I think it’s just the right amount of fantasy in a realistic world. No, Night Vale isn’t like anywhere I’ve been, but it feels real. When a book makes a fictional location feel real, that (to me) is prime. I think that is a true testament to the authors.

It Devours is a rad, realistic fantasy novel.

It has a gorgeous cover (reason enough to buy it, in my opinion), and is full of wild characters and a compelling story. If you’re a fan of fantasy, science, and a little bit of insanity, you should grab yourself a copy of It Devours (do that here).

What is a book that you’ve taken far too long to read?

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