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Grey’s Anatomy Shocker of an exit for Alex Karev: We react, in gifs

Sometimes there isn’t much you can say. And sometimes, whatever you say is just …not gonna cut it. How are we going to explain the feeling of seeing Grey’s Anatomy write out Alex Karev by, after ten years, making reunite with Izzie?

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In gifs, how else?

Especially because, as nice as that first paragraph sounded, what actually happened was this: Alex moved on from Izzie. He grew up, he married Jo, and he stood up for Meredith, his person. And then …well, then Justin Chambers wanted to leave, or they fired him, who knows at this point …and this happened.

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This includes him going back to the woman he’d gotten over about 10 years ago, because, oh yes, she’d decided to get impregnated with the semen she still had saved from him (you know, from when she had cancer and they were MARRIED), and had 5 year old twins.

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His kids.

Which he, of course, couldn’t co-parent from afar now that he knew about them, no. He had to abandon his wife, and the person he’d become, to go back to Izzie and raise his kids the “right way.”

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This only makes sense in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, aka it doesn’t make sense at all. Because the Alex Karev we knew and loved would have never done that, and he would have specially not decided to do it and then instead of facing his loved ones, just sent them letters.

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When you thought text was the worst way to break up with someone.

So yes, we have feelings.

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A lot of feelings.

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Strong feelings.

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How do YOU feel?


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