'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' 7x07 Review: "Ding Dong"

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×07 Review: “Ding Dong”

“Ding Dong” the witch is dead in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s latest episode and maybe it’s funniest to date. (I know I probably say that in every review but Brooklyn Nine-Nine keeps elevating things every episode. What is a girl supposed to do besides give them credit where credit is due?) Holt and Wunch are over, done-zo, and the pain hit the former harder than expected. Why?

Because Holt and Wunch were bitter rivals who kept each other on their toes. For about two decades they were one upping each other, hoping to take the other down. And that sort of enemyship, not friendship, is intertwined with companionship. And in a sick and twisted way, they complimented each other and it’ll never be the same again.

Sure, Holt has Kevin aka his hubbie and companion of life. But it’ll never be as challenging and almost as fun as his relationship with Wunch. That’s not to say that Holt’s relationship with Kevin is lacking for anything. They’ve had their ups and downs and come out stronger because of it. It’s just different relationships consisting of Wunch and Holt & Kevin and Holt.

I do appreciate that this episode went full throttle when it came to all the Wunch jokes. Even Rosa participated and made it known that she really enjoyed everything that Holt was doing and his general. Amy wasn’t as down with it but I know she appreciated the level of showmanship when it came to the faux funeral and the discovery of a rat amongst them.

Then there’s Jake Peralta. If there’s one thing I learned from his back and forth between him, Terry, and Charles…it’s that he’s going to be a great dad. He’s not going to be perfect. No parent is. But he’ll try to make the life of his kid as wonderful as possible and that matters. 

Jake telling Terry and Charles that he would take the kids to the movie premiere also showed that he feels capable around kids. He’s not as scared as he was before and is all in with having a kid. And yes, that should be obvious from the baby making charts he and Amy go through, but this somehow felt different; a little more integral about him as a man with a family.

On the flipside, Amy Santiago was losing it all episode. She was sad, she was mad, and she was irritable. And that’s more than ok because she apologized, gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, and didn’t stop being herself aka the character that we know and love. As for the pregnancy….I KNEW IT!

It’s a TV trope to have the pregnant lady having all the mood swings. And even though it’s a little annoying because not every woman that is pregnant goes to this extreme, it was nice getting an explanation and understanding what is going on with Amy. ALSO…it’s pretty badass that she’s pregnant BECAUSE SHE’S CREATING A HUMAN BEING. A #Peraltiago baby at that. Give me a moment while I live in this episode.

Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta are having a baby.

Just repeat that to yourself a couple times and feel blessed that NBC gave Brooklyn Nine-Nine a new home and an opportunity to tell stories like this one.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30 on NBC.

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