‘Blindspot’ Final Season: News & Spoilers

We are in luck, blindspotters! After a long Blindspot news drought – too long – we have some very good news! The premiere date has been announced, and in addition, we already have the official poster for the season, which is the final season, as well as the promotional photos for the first episode. As if this were not enough, Martin Gero, executive producer of the show, has given TVLine some clues about THAT explosion at the end of the season.

Here we go!

The long wait to see Blindspot’s final season nears its end. NBC announced this Friday that the show will premiere on Thursday, April 30 at 10/9c. It’s a change of day and time, but while the new day is maintained, the series will return to its usual time of 9 pm on Thursday, May 7.  Season 5 will consist of only 11 episodes.

This premiere in late April is a complete surprise, as NBC had announced that Blindspot would air during the summer. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, networks have had to make a lot of scheduling adjustments to accommodate production changes. This resulted in great news for us!

On its return, Blindspot has a big question to solve: remember that at the end of last season, Jane, Weller and the rest of the team were introduced to a scheme called Project Helios, which had really been orchestrated by the Big Bad of the season, Madeline Burke. Shortly after the team found a remote cabin where they could hide from the authorities,  but Madeline ordered a drone strike at the scene, and a missile hit the cabin while Reade, Zapata, Weller and Patterson were still inside.

Jane, who, as we can see in the promotional photos, has changed both her hairstyle (a cut more typical of Remi than Jane) and her hair color,  now blonde, narrowly escaped the explosion. In the photos we can also see that Madeline has not stopped executing her plan and that an old acquaintance of ours is in command of the FBI.

Regarding the great unknown of who survived the explosion, the creator of the series, Martin Gero, hinted:

“It would be safe to assume that not everyone makes it out of that safe house alive. Should members of the team survive, they’re bonded together now, closer than they’ve ever been. For the ones that can make it out, there’s going to be a great unity and a great common purpose of, ‘We’ve got to fix this together. We have to trust each other.’ It’ll be some of the purest team stuff that the show’s ever done.”

Who do you think will survive? I still cannot accept that we are going to say goodbye to some characters that we love. I’m in denial. To try to stop thinking about that tragedy, here’s the official poster for the season!

I love it! While Jane and Weller are in the foreground, as they should be, all team members are represented, and the background is gorgeous.

Are you counting the days to see Blindspot again? Do you think we will survive this final season? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments below!

Blindspot premieres Thursday, April 30 at 10/9c on NBC.


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