‘Blindspot’ Renewed for a Final Season!

We blindspotters are in luck! BLINDSPOT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON! YAAAS! It was what I wanted most. We have to celebrate it as it deserves so, what the hell are we waiting for?

Once we have calmed down – a little, at least – it’s time to analyze the news. As I mentioned a few weeks ago,As I mentioned a few weeks ago, NBC’s decision to postpone what remained of the season didn’t seem very promising. But analyzing all the data globally, it was likely (and my greatest wish) that they would renew the series for one more season, but that it would be the last.

It’s just what has happened. NBC this time has done what it should, and has given both fans and the entire team and crew that makes the series possible the opportunity to end the show the way it deserves, closing all the plots in a final adventure together.

NBC has not yet specified the number of episodes of this last season, but it will most likely be a shortened season, more specifically, 13 episodes or less. It is a pity that there is so little left to say goodbye to this great show, but we must be happy, because we are all going to have the opportunity to say goodbye to it, to see how they end each of the plots and characters, culminating a development of 5 wonderful years. Not all shows or fandoms have that luck.

Yesterday, as soon as the news was published, the official social media accounts were filled with joy.

Even Martin Gero – executive producer of the show – posted on Instagram, thanking fans for all the work and support and sharing his joy for the news. In addition, it also confirms that, in his mind, the project of the show was going to have 5 seasons. So everything has come around.

What do you think awaits us at the end of this adventure? For now, I can only say: Smile, family, we have achieved it!

Blindspot returns on Friday, May 24 at 8/7c on NBC.

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