Fond Farewell: 'Schitt's Creek' Finale Roundtable

Fond Farewell: ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Finale Roundtable

As the Schitt’s Creek finale airs this week, we can all agree that this show is simply the best. As it comes to an end, we can’t help but be appreciative of Dan Levy and the wonderful cast and crew for the amazing show they’ve given us. 

We took some time this week to gather our thoughts about the show in a roundtable before the Schitt’s Creek finale, and its characters before we say goodbye.

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What was it about Schitt’s Creek that first made you want to watch it?

Lyra: Their dry humor. I’m a big fan of humor like this and when Netflix suggested it to me, I jumped on it like white on rice. It didn’t take me long to become obsessed with everyone on this show, including Moira and Johnny, the two most boring characters on the show. That’s especially true when you have people like David and Alexis around. Ever since then it’s been “Eww David” with a side of “you get murdered first” love!

Lizzie: To be honest, Lyra and Lynnie made me. I wasn’t sure at first, and I wasn’t sure when I started, and I wasn’t sure for probably the entirety of season 1, which is why it took me ages to get to season 2. But I’m glad they convinced me because I fell in love with these humans and I’m super glad I got to go on this journey with them.

Lacey: Full disclosure, I legit just binged all six seasons a couple of weeks ago and I’m obsessed! The show kept popping up on my Netflix account and I finally decided to give it a try and I’m so happy I did. This is truly one of the best comedic shows I’ve ever seen. It’s so well written and the characters are original and utter perfection! I love everything about this show and even though I’m a new fan, I’m so sad to know it’s ending. Definitely a rewatch kind of series!

Julie: I decided to watch it while in a grumpy mood and needed something to cheer me up. I had seen gifs of the show on Tumblr, and thought I would give it a try. And then I watched it all within a few days. Not only did the show lift my mood, but it will forever be one of my favorites now. I will be sad watching the Schitt’s Creek finale, but at least I can start a rewatch now!

Who is your favorite character on the show and why?

Lyra: Alexis is my favorite character from Schitt’s Creek. It’s been an absolute honor watching her grow from a wild child to an educated young woman who is a step away from conquering the world now that she’s going to New York City for her career. We’ve also seen this young woman discover her strengths, fall in love, and survive the loss of said love with a grace unmatched by anyone else on this show. We can’t wait for what comes next for our Alexis!

Lizzie: This is a really hard question. Like really, really hard. I think my favorite is Patrick, but Patrick has made me love David, and I love love love Alexis. Since Lyra said Alexis, though, I’m going to go with Patrick. I love how kind he is, and how much of a little shit he is sometimes, especially with David. I think that’s the only way to love David Rose, by not always taking him seriously, and Patrick has made David a better person, and an easier character to root for.

Lacey: I agree with Lizzie on this one. I have so many favorites and this is a difficult question. It’s a toss up between David, Patrick and Alexis but if I had to pick, I’d say David. His “over it” feeling with most people is me on a daily basis. I live for his awkward moments with people but my favorite thing about him is his growth throughout the series, especially with Patrick. Patrick brings out the best in him. I strive to be as witty as David in my life and am failing miserably but I still love that journey for me. LOL

Julie: It’s hard for me to pick between David or Stevie because I love them both so much. I identify a lot with Stevie. I’m pretty sure her outfits were my standard look in high school. And her awkwardness and sarcasm speak to me. But David has made me laugh and love the show from the very beginning. Underneath all that bravado is someone that just wants approval and love, and it’s wonderful to see him finally get it when his family has to spend more time together and he also meets the love of his life in Patrick. 

Besides David and Patrick (because we all love them), what is your favorite relationship on the show (any type of relationship – romantic, platonic, familial, etc.)?

Lyra: I think one of my favorite relationships in Schitt’s Creek is the one between Stevie and Johnny. Stevie doesn’t have a lot of people she considers family and that she’d freak out if something were to happen to them. But she has that with Mr. Rose. He’s kind of like a father figure to her and not just her partner in business. And watching this relationship grow while Stevie came into herself as a woman and badass, was exactly what we needed to ground her story and make Johnny a little more interesting.

Lizzie: Despite the ups and downs, I love the relationship between Alexis and David. I love that in a way they figured out how to love each other just as they figured out how to love themselves, and how to be better people. Because loving someone else, even in just a familial way, and loving them the way they need you to, and the way they deserve, is also a journey sometimes. 

Lacey: Besides David and Patrick because they are definitely my numero uno, I’d have to say Alexis and Twyla with Alexis and Ted coming in right behind them. What I love most about these two is the development of their friendship. It’s no secret that Alexis was quite vapid and full of herself when she first moved to Schitt’s Creek but for me, she has had the best character development out of anyone and I think Twyla had a big hand in that. Watching them in 6×13 was one of the best moments and truly came full circle. I just love their dynamic and the way they look out for each other. Truly an adorable friendship that I’ll miss dearly.

Julie: I have to say David and Stevie. It was such an unlikely friendship at first (they even slept together), but it grew into something beautiful. Stevie is always honest with David, and she is so salty with him whenever he is being ridiculous. Likewise, David calls out Stevie when she gets in her own way and loves to throw shade at her personal style. I loved their scene in the second-to-last episode where she told him that he was winning by staying in Schitt’s Creek with Patrick. And let’s not forget that Stevie figured out that Patrick was into David in the first place. I love the banter between David and Stevie, and it gives me comfort to think about it going on forever. Even when we can’t see it anymore. 

Is there a moment in the series that has stayed with you long after it was over?

Lyra: Patrick coming out to his parents with the support of David and the rest of the family still gives me all the feels and has stayed with me long after the scene was over. There was just something so raw and honest about Noah’s performance. And knowing that Partick had David to hold his hand along the way to being open with his family about his life partner just got me in the feels!

Lizzie: That conversation between David and Ted at the end of season 4. It was such a beautiful moment, and it showed David’s growth. But it wasn’t just about Ted and Alexis, either, it was also about David and Patrick, and what David was feeling, and in so many ways it was about the journey these characters have gone through and how they’ve become people worthy of love. See, I get emotional just thinking about it.

Lacey: Patrick singing to David at open mic night. Hearing Noah Reid sing was perfection in and of itself but seeing the look on David’s face…sigh *chef’s kiss*. He was serenaded by the love of his life and it gave me all the ooey gooey feels. It’s stuck with me because it showed Patrick’s vulnerability and it showed David what it truly meant to have someone love and appreciate him. I loved every second and it’s stayed in my heart ever since watching.


Julie: The moment right after David and Patrick’s first kiss. Patrick thanks him and says he had never done that with a guy. He was scared to let David leave without them having kissed. For some reason, this really stuck with me. I think they really captured not only Patrick’s excitement but also his nervousness. It was such an absolutely real and human moment. And it launched a pattern of open communication that I’ve come to love in this couple.

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The Schitt’s Creek finale airs Tuesday, April 7 on PopTV, with a behind-the-scenes special immediately after.

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