‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×11 Review: “Valloweaster”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Valloweaster” was an epic showdown that tied together Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Rosa Diaz, our epic winner of it all, has set a new standard for sleuthing in the time of heists. Here here for our champion and schemer, Rosa Diaz, while reading up on our favorite moments!

1. Amy in the pumpkin costume.

I love that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is leaning into the whole “let’s make the pregnant lady wear ridiculous things so people don’t know she’s pregnant.” It’s making fun of a way of filming that has become old and stale as hell. In turn it makes me love this show even more and I can’t wait for more ridiculous outfits to come!

2. That Cheddar entrance.

100% swear on my life, that Cheddar entrance was totally necessary. Was it too long? No. It was the perfect amount of time needed to show the strength and cuteness of this floofy thick boy. I only pray that we get more moments like this when Cheddar returns because he’s totally the MVP of it all!

3. Cheddar eating the gems and then Scully…

Cheddar I understand. He’s a dog. A super smart dog but a chonky boy who is on a diet and is probably hungry. Scully. SMH. I just don’t get him, why he put Rosa through the horror of accompanying him to the bathroom, and WHY HE SWALLOWED THE GEMS! More SMH needed at this moment and every moment that follows.

4. The Bunny explosion in the bull pen.

Imagine how fun it must’ve been to come to work and be asked to wear a bunny costume in an elaborate heist for tv comedy? That sounds like a dream job! (Yes, I want to dress up as a bunny for a heist! What of it?) Also, thank God for NBC picking up our baby Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I can’t even imagine a world without this heist.

5. Rosa wins three times?!

I feel immensely proud of Rosa Diaz. She played the game and won three times in a row in an row. She also got her ultimate dream to make the entire team argue over the gems and who won what. She’s a champion to us all and the best of the Nine-Nine. To Rosa Diaz!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 EST on NBC.

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