5 Things We Loved from "The Half of It" Trailer

5 Things We Loved from “The Half of It” Trailer

The Half of It, is a different kind of love story full of queer goodness in the form of Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), the bookish introvert who help Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer), a lovelorn jock, with a little situation that he has. He’s got feelings for Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire) but he doesn’t know how to approach the girl of his dreams. That’s where Ellie comes in, his night in shining armor who helps him and ends up falling in a tangled mess of her own full of feelings.

1. That Ellie isn’t afraid to be who she is.

Ellie is sitting in front of her whole school assembly and she’s still doing what she wants. Doesn’t matter that, as far as we know, that some douche in the crowd yelled something at her as a means to tease her. She’s a talented musician and she’s going to shine!

2. That Paul came to Ellie for help.

Paul didn’t come to Ellie to cheat. He’s got that down. What he does need help in is making himself sound like he can form a sentence to the girl he’s making heart eyes at, because who hasn’t fumbled their words when a pretty girl is around. As a queer woman myself, I can attest to the fumbling and like Paul right off the bat.

3. That Aster knew who Ellie was.

The way that Aster said, “Yeah, I know” to Ellie had us going yessss god! Does that mean she’s been keeping an eye out for Ellie like Ellie has done for her? Does that mean that Aster is a bi queen who knows what she wants and is just as shy as Ellie about it? I love all the possibilities! Plus, two women of color falling in possible like/love is 😍😍😍!

4. That Ellie is an awesome wing woman.

Ellie saw that Paul was floundering and went out of her way to help her friend. Because that’s what’s happening here. Are they kind of deceiving Aster? Yes. But Ellie is an awesome wing woman who is here to help Paul, despite her feelings for Aster in the first place.

5. That Ellie and Paul have a friendship forming.

This is where the heart of the movie rests; in friendship. Yes, the possible romance might be cute and we’re cheering for the queer agenda of it all. But at the heart of this movie is the unlikely friendship between Ellie and Paul. And I’m so here for it!

Check out the trailer for The Half of It HERE:

The Half of It premieres May 1, 2020.

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