I Will Go Down with This Ship: David & Patrick from 'Schitt's Creek' Edition

I Will Go Down with This Ship: David & Patrick from ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Edition

Ships. In entertainment, and especially, in fandom, we live and die by them. Which is why every Friday, we’ll be focusing on a couple, analyzing why we ship them, and overall, just proclaiming our eternal love for those couples that make us say:

I will go down with this ship; the David and Patrick ship from Schitt’s Creek if we’re being exact.

What David Has Learned from Patrick

Thanks to Patrick, the David that we know and love is a different man. Not saying there was anything wrong with the man he was before. Even if we’re taking into account how uptight he was before. I’m getting lost in my own point. Point being, David has grown as a man, as a brother, as a son, because of the relationship that he has with Patrick.


Because Patrick makes David feel safe in a way he’s never experienced before. His life before Schitt’s Creek was one of not knowing where he stood with people despite him acting like everything was ok. It wasn’t. David was lost in a city that didn’t care for him with people who would step right over him if a better opportunity popped up.

And with Patrick, he feels, knows, and has learned that it’s ok to be himself, especially during times where he isn’t sure about who he is. And that simply is a universal thing we all experience, uncertainty, and that we’d hope to find safety with those around us, especially our loved ones. David is certain now of who he is because of Patrick. And that makes them OTP material.

How Patrick Has Grown with David

Before David, Patrick wasn’t sure what he wanted. He was living his life in Schitt’s Creek, just ending the long term relationship with an ex, when he met David. And he was practically lost on David from day one. Why? Because David challenged Patrick. Doesn’t sound like something you’d be down for? No worries. Let me explain.

David challenged Patrick’s pre-conceived notions about what kind of man he was and what he wanted in his life. He made Patrick look at the life he was leading, those that he was loving, and made him feel safe to explore other bits of himself that he never dared to touch before.

That’s why Patrick was able to come out to himself, to David, to Schitt’s Creek, and to his parents. Because of David. Because of the strength that his partner gave him before they were a couple and when they became one. And that right there is a powerful reason that makes this ship shine brighter than any other queer ship we’ve ever seen!

Why They Are the OTP to End All OTPs

It’s all about growth with these two. Growth as individual people. Because they don’t stop being individual badasses just because they’re in a relationship with each other. And growth as a union, as a couple, set out to conquer the world or at least their small corner of it in Schitt’s Creek.

David and Patrick are also all about self acceptance and patience. They don’t get things right sometimes. They fuck up, stumble, and get up because they have each other aka the people that believe in them no matter what arises or what situations occur. With that patience, is a love that burns so bright that it shines amongst the rest or the darkness that comes to meet them sometimes, as life does.

And that right there is what sets them apart, what makes their love so strong, and why we’re sure that both will have a fantastic life, where ever it takes them. Be it children, be it visiting Alexis in New York City, or be it taking in Moira and Johnny when they come to visit. All of it will end well because of who they are, the love they share, and how they’ve grown together.

Schitt’s Creek has finished airing it’s final season and we’re still in denial.

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