‘Survive’, Episode 4: “Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines”

Not really understanding why they chose to cut this episode off the way that they did, but I also know that it isn’t something that doesn’t need to be added to the story.

If you haven’t been watching Survive, you need to check it out on Quibi right now. The premise?

Jane wants to end it all. Then a plane crash almost ends it for her. Now she’s crawling from the wreckage with Paul, the only other survivor, and a new drive to stay alive.

We’re on episode 4 (Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 reviews) and the thing that I love is that it picks up right where it left off.

The plane has crashed and Jane is stuck in the lavatory. She wakes up and is a lot better person than I would ever be. Why do I say that? Because she reaches in her pocket for matches (which fyi – the TSA agent that let her through with that was slacking) and examines her head. She’s bleeding.

I woulda been searching for the oxy I spilled on the ground.

You can hear all the screams around her. She is tense. She is scared. Which who the fuck can blame her? She just crash landed.

You can hear the roar of the wind outside, the creak of the airplane settling into the snow. She pushes open the door and makes her way out.

The plane looks as thought it’s been split in three. There are people scattered everywhere. You see flames, blood, airplane seats. Jane sees a woman struggling towards her and she runs to get to her.

But when she does, the woman has blood literally coming out of her mouth. Jane tries to tell her that she will be okay, but the woman literally falls down on the ground and I am assuming she’s passed.

There are more screams, and Jane stumbles to try and find where it’s coming from. Along the way she finds a jacket on the ground and picks it up. May be the luckiest thing that happens to her – cause it’s fucking cold.

Like there is snow everywhere, there is a blizzard, shit is everywhere.

You hear moans and screams. Jane sees a man under a door and she’s trying to push it off of him. You hear him telling her to push it. I mean she’s gotta have a big adrenaline rush – cause she manages to push an airplane door off of him.

Like girl gets him free. And I applaud.

It’s Paul. Her and Paul are stumbling – each are hurt in their own way. They grab what they can out of the a part of the plane and he remarks that they need to find shelter.

She heads back to the lavatory with him. They are both freezing. It’s a small cramped space. Paul manages to break through and get them to a bigger space. I am wondering if it’s an adrenaline rush or if I need to worry about how planes are made.

Paul and Jane crawl in. He’s in excruciating pain. His ribs are bruised – he thinks he’s broken them. They are both freezing and trying to keep each other warm. He can’t move his hands. She grabs onto them and tries to keep him warm.

They look at what’s in the bag. There isn’t much in there and they say they’ll find more in the morning.

It’s interesting to see where this is going to go. I know that we needed to establish who was alive and what happened, but I would have liked more to this episode.

But I am looking forward to seeing what is next. I need to know how Jane feels and if she’s finding a will to survive.

Are you watching Survive? What are your thoughts?

Survive is streaming on Quibi.

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