‘Never Have I Ever’ 1×02: “… had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida”

We all have that person in high school that makes us feel weak in the knees, unable to cope, and that we think about doing the most inappropriate or inappropriate things with.

I know that I did. That boy defined what high school was for me. He was the person that made me weak in the knees, sometimes, embaress myself, but turned out to be a complete jackass.

That being said, he definitely was a mistake in my life that taught me something. And do I know that will be what Paxton is for Devi? No. But I will say this – he kinda redeemed himself a little in this episode and yet he’s still a jackass.


Devi has a lot going on in her life. I will give her that. She’s at that age where she’s growing into who she is and her hormones are changing drastically. I mean if we’re all being honest with each other most of us as teenagers were horny 24/7.

And for most of us that shit hasn’t gone away.

Devi’s wanting to have sex. It’s all she thinks about. She’s in therapy and she is telling her therapist all about the sexiness that is Paxton. She’s so focused on having sex, she doesn’t want to talk about anything else. And she shows her therapist photos of Paxton and even she’s taken by his hotness.

But for Devi they make her focus on what she wants.

Eleanor and Fabiola come up to Devi at school and want to offer apologies for keeping things from her. She tells them apologies aren’t necessary. She’s okay with it.

And she tells them that she’s been seeing someone. And then proceeds to tell them about her interaction with Paxton – only what she tells them is nothing like what happened.

Not shocking her friends thought she lost her mind.

See, we all can be supportive of our friends, but also can know when they have lost their ever loving mind.



At lunch, Devi gathers all her courage to go to the “hot pocket” – where all of the guys that are hot hang out. She wants to follow up on her conversation with Paxton.

He tells her that day after school is good, but she tells him that she has orchestra. She asks him about some other times and he says sure, some other time.

At this point – I think he’s an asshole, but my distaste for him will grow. I get it – teenage boys think with their penis, but you know what – it doesn’t give them a pass.

Devi heads into orchestra – her first session of sophomore year. The teacher welcomes her back by reminding everyone what happened freshman year. Her Dad dying at the concert and everyone seeing it.

Eric, the kid in class, keeps yelling and telling the teacher that something smells like shit. The teacher keeps telling the class that it doesn’t, but as they are having this interaction – Devi is having a panic attack.

All she can think about is seeing her Dad die in front of her. She finds herself running out and straight to Paxton to tell him that her conflict cleared up and that she can go with him.

And straight to his house they go.

Devi isn’t ready for sex. When Paxton takes off his shirt and tells her that he has to shave his chest for swim, so the stubble might irritate her skin, she becomes a little freaked out.

She’s not ready.

I think that we all go through those moments in life when we think we are ready for something that we aren’t. We all want to grow up quicker than we are ready for. But there is nothing good in that.

I think sometimes that we all need to come to terms with growing and changing at our own time and in our own terms.

Devi runs out and says that she has to be home to get her Moms polio medication.

Lord, she’s a bad liar.


Devi’s Dad was her world. Like a lot of little girls, we look up to our Dads as super heroes. Her Dad drove a scooter, which he considered his “hog”. His wife hated it, but she tolerated it.

Kamala came out to see what she was getting out of the garage – Devi’s Mom was looking for a sari for Kamala to wear when she spoke to her future in laws. As you may remember from episode 1, she is about to be married off in an arranged marriage.

Kamala wants to wear a shirt and blazer, but Indian parents don’t want to know that she’s westernized. They want to know that she can cook, clean, and do all the stereo typical shit that a woman is supposed to do.


When Devi comes back she see’s the neighbor on her Dad’s bike and she freaks. It’s her Dads. It’s something that she wants to hold onto. It’s something that she doesn’t want to let go of.

So her and her Mom get into an argument and they go back and forth. Devi looses her shit and calls her a bitch and runs off.

One lesson that I have learned in life is to never call your Mom, Aunt, or Grandma a bitch. They will come for you like no other. Sure, sometimes you are gonna feel like it is worth it – because a person really pisses you off, but trust me.

Not worth it.

Eleanor and Fabiola come over that night and they are talking. They want to know all about Devi and Paxton. They are trying to figure out what it was like for Devi.

But Devi admits that she thinks about sex, but doesn’t know what to do. So like any good friends would do, they spend the night learning everything they can.

This enables Devi to gain the confidence to head back to Paxton’s the next day.


When you are trying to make a surprise attack it doesn’t do well for anyone when the person that you are trying to surprise, surprises you – well your game face may be a little off.

Back in the garage and Devi is determined to get her groove on. She wants to go freshen up – which I can respect. No one should ever go into sex that is planned without good hygiene – be kind to your partner. Odor is not a good thing.

But when she’s in the bathroom, she decides to spray in her pants some perfume. Um… no. Girl don’t take it that far.

When you head into someones home – you should never look on their shelves or through their stuff. It leads to bad shit.

Someone hears Devi scream and it turns out that it’s Paxton’s sister. She’s asking if she’s okay and then asks Devi for help. And like any good friend she goes and helps with some fashion advice.

She’s just being a kind person, not judging, but when Paxton finds her in his sisters room – he freaks the fuck out. Devi doesn’t understand what is happening.

But she leaves.

And the next day – she lets her friends believe that she slept with Paxton – even though she didn’t. I for the life of me – being older – can’t figure out why you would want anyone to think you slept with someone you didn’t. How many people you have let enter your vag is a sacred secret that is no ones fucking business.

Ya, I said it.



Kamala is on her facetime call with her future husbands parents and they are looking at her like she can’t speak. She doesn’t know what to say. This is odd for her.

So Devi’s Mom interrupts and tries to save the meeting.

But what we find out is that Kamala has had a boyfriend. She breaks it off with him because her duty to her family is more important. She’s heartbroken over it, but she’s trying to be strong.

But because of it – she’s very emotional. And I don’t blame her. Feeling like your entire world is turned upside down and having to cope with it – it’s a lot. I can’t even imagine what Kamala is going through.

Devi on the other hand – she’s going to have a rude awakening that night too. When in her room, her Mom lets her no that a boy is there to see her. That boy is Paxton.

And for once – he’s redeemable to me. Why?


He’s very protective of his sister. She’s been bullied and he didn’t want anyone making fun of her. Devi assures him that she would never make fun of her. They make their apologies and Paxton tells her that the whole sex thing got weird and so he no longer thinks it’s a good idea.

And he leaves.

But he looks back and watches her walk in the door.

And that my friends – is the start of something.


  • I cried my eyes out during her Mom remembering when she lost her baby. My heart broke for her. And seeing the way that her husband was there for her – I wanted to give them a hug. That was love and they both deserve all the love.
  • I love Paxton’s sister. She’s stylish and cute. I hope we see more of her.
  • Kamala standing up for herself is of the utmost importance, but I don’t know the culture enough to comment on the situation. I feel like she’s gonna do something though.

Never Have I Ever is streaming now on Netflix.

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