‘The Baker & The Beauty’ 1×03: “Get Carried Away”

We may not realize it, but there are rules for every relationship in life. Some of them are unspoken, some spoken, but the rules change in life based on who you are, what you are, and where you are going.

And for celebrities – the rules are completely different. We don’t always like to admit it, because we think that we know everything that there is to know by reading the tabloids. We think that what is in the media is the reality.

But trust me when I say this – every celebrity that I have ever known in my life – the things that are out there in the press are not always the reality. They are carefully selected click bait pieces of a reality. They are aware of what garners attention, press, and furthering their career.


But in that same respect – the celebrity doesn’t get where they are based on the things they do by themselves. Not even close. They have teams of people that change their lives and carefully spin things in a way that the world can cope with.

Or that the world can react to.


Think of their world like Instagram – every public piece (well 90% of it) is carefully curated content that can be destroyed in the blink of a moment.

And that’s what scares me for Noa and Daniel. Not the fact that they are diving into whatever it is so fast. It’s someone finding the pieces that can tear their worlds apart. Because when someone has that power over you – it’s a scary thing.

And even though for them that person is no one specific right now – it is there. It’s called the paparazzi. It’s called a person with a cell phone. Your life can be changed by stepping out of line one time and someone capturing it all on film.


One thing that I always think is funny is that people think that being a celebrity is glamorous 24/7. And I won’t tell you that people who are famous don’t have glamorous moments. They do.

But what they also have is a life that is timed down to the second. I am not even kidding. You want to go to see a place that you are visiting. Well, that’s sweet. You are lucky if you do.

You’d think that traveling with a celebrity is private planes and people waiting on you 24/7. It’s not that. It’s a lot of work. Because they are always working. And Daniel, thinking going to Puerto Rico with Noa is going to be something completely different than it is.


He knows that she has something to do. They are there for a reason. He is like the rest of us, thinking that interviews are simple. But let’s be honest – interviews are the same questions over and over – framed different ways. And you know what – their answers have to be framed different ways. It is exhausting to have to smile and laugh and dodge and weave all day.

But Daniel watching what Noa is going through – I think it’s important for him so that he can see how hard she works and what she is doing. Lewis and Piper both reiterate to him that it isn’t easy.

A journalist asks about her breakup with Colin, and Lewis steps in to cut that off.


First rule in life – you don’t mess with publicists or assistants. 10 years ago, when I was an assistant to a movie producer, he put me in charge of making sure a celebrity in his movie was comfortable during interviews. Someone asked them something that was off limits. I had to interrupt the interview and that journalist came for me. The producer I worked for read her the riot act, and she was banned from every junket of his moving forward.

Fuck with a publicist and they will and can destroy you if they deem be. Don’t fuck with them.

Daniel gets to see that Lewis may be a dick sometime, but he’s going to protect Noa at all costs, and even though the two of them don’t always get along, I think that they can respect that about each other.


Meanwhile, back in Miami – Vanessa is ummm… likeable. Ya, I am choking on that too.

Look, I have been completely honest in the fact I don’t like Vanessa. But I will and can admit that I misjudged. I think we’re all driven by our emotions in the moment – sometimes overthinking the big picture. And the big picture can change everything.


Vanessa is not about the fantasy. She’s about the real facts of life. She’s about saying what is and why it is that way. She is blunt and don’t get me wrong – part of me thinks that she is setting herself up to swoop in later and try and be with Daniel when him and Noa break up.

And mark my words – they will break up eventually, cause it’s a TV show and that’s drama and that’s okay.

But I am gonna try and give her the benefit of the doubt – even though I don’t think what she did on tonight’s episode was selfless.

Her client had a DJ cancel on him for his sons bar mitzvah, and Vanessa says that she knows someone.

Yes she does. Mateo.

Do I think that she’s doing something for Mateo? No. Do I think she’s doing something to make herself look good in the eyes of the Garcias? Yes. I am fully aware that I sound like an asshole, but as much as I want to give her the benefit of the doubt – this woman comes across more as a stage five clinger than a stage five helper.

When Mateo rejects her call, she shows up at the bakery to tell Mateo about the job.


Here’s the thing – Mateo deserves to have his big break. He does. But he also needs to learn about the industry he’s in and what he needs to do. He is one of those people that lets his mouth speak 10 seconds before his brain stops him from saying the stupid things.

No filter.

So when he goes to the interview for the job – and the man gives him specific directions, Mateo decides that he needs to express that he’s an artist and he can’t be told what to do. The man tells him that means he’s not getting hired.

When the man goes inside and asks Vanessa what she was thinking. Vanessa goes after Mateo and tells him that the man is the head of a record company.

Mateo wants to correct the situation, but Vanessa tells him if he really wants the job, you go above them.

That’s right – you go straight to the kid. And Vanessa sells the kid on Mateo. She mentions that Noa Hamilton played him at her event. The kid is sold and she finishes the sale by telling the kid it will piss his parents off.


I mean that would be enough for me too.

Later that night when they were talking, Mateo thanks her. She says that they are family – that even though it may not seem like it – they were a part of her life over the past four years and she respects that.

Mateo seeing a different side of her is a good thing. Us seeing a different side of her is a good thing.

Look, I hope that Vanessa is good and I am wrong about her. Right now she still feels like a potential villain, and a first class crazy person. But tonight I liked her.

And I hope that I continue to.

(ABC/Francisco Roman) NOAH MILLS


I figured that we weren’t rid of Colin, but I kinda hoped so. Except he’s pretty to look at.

Look, let me make this clear – Colin is a douche bag. He’s a selfish prick who only thinks about what his next move is and how it can further his career. And look – I can respect the hustle. But when it comes to people’s emotions – fucking with them isn’t okay.

Noa and Daniel are out when she gets a call from Lewis, that this director, Melanie, wants to talk to her.

Melanie offers her a role in the film she’s going to be working on. She will need to be in Toronto the next day. And for Noa – acting has been her dream. This is a huge deal for her.

Until Colin walks up and fucks up his own plan.

See, Colin is working on the film and he got Melanie to talk to Noa. Noa is pissed that he used her dream against her to try and weasel his way back into her life.

But she keeps her composure until Melanie leaves.

Colin isn’t giving up and like cool bud, you do you. BUT, read the room.

Daniel says that she should take the job, because regardless, it’s not about Colin. It’s about working with Melanie.

And God, I stan him. He wants what is best for her. He doesn’t care about the rest. He cares about the woman standing in front of him, only thinking about the fact that he wants her dreams to come true.



Piper comes in looking like a drowned rat. But props to you Piper, cause even looking fucked up – you still look amazing.

It appears that the room that they were going to have the gala in – the water line under it burst. Everything was ruined. Lewis talks about another hotel – but Piper reminds him that it’s more than that. All the food and decorations are ruined.

But leave it to Daniel to think of a way to fix the situation.

The market that they had gone to earlier – Daniel and Lewis go to get the people there and make the gala outside. They are going to have food from all around the island, which I think was a genius idea.

They put everything together in the knick of time and it is fucking amazing. It’s beautiful. Everyone looks to be having the most amazing time. There is the most amazing food. There is money being raised to help the kids. Everyone is having a great time.

And you can’t help but think that there needs to be more coverage of things like this. We need to know what great things that celebrities do. They aren’t just people on our screens. There are people that need help and a lot of them help them. I know this personally.

Daniel is giving Noa her space when Colin comes up and tries to get in Daniel’s head. But for Daniel, he’s strong enough to know what is and what isn’t. I think that Lewis being an ass to him taught him how to be stronger.

It taught him to not let anyone get inside his head. And I think for Colin, it was weird to have someone tell him off. He’s used to getting what he wants.

For Noa it was a sign that she didn’t need to take the role. Colin views her as a publicity piece. She knows that.

She sees that.

But for a second it makes Noa let down her wall and her and Daniel make choices that will haunt them. They just don’t know it yet.

Lewis had specifically told them NO to PDA. And they get up to the floor of Noah’s room in a hotel with open hallways. Someone is taking pictures of them. They don’t know it yet, but what they were supposed to keep to themselves is about to blow up their worlds.



Meanwhile, at the same time, back in Miami – Amy is over at Natalie’s. But this was a shit show from the beginning.

See, Mama Garcia had seen Natalie texting and got excited that she had a friend, so she took Natalie’s phone and texted Amy to come over. And when Amy comes over, she gives Natalie the day off to spend time with Amy.

Friendship is important and for Natalie – this is more than that. Sure, she wants to be friends with Amy, but she also wants to be more than friends with Amy.

Everything keeps happening to interrupt the two of them, but for Natalie it’s hard. She really likes Amy, and Amy really likes her. But for Natalie it’s bigger than that.

It’s fear.


She’s filled with fear. Fear of accepting who she is, fear of her family accepting who she is, fear of caring about someone.

Amy and her almost kiss, but her Mom interrupts and shit gets weird. Natalie says Amy and her are done talking and that she’s going home.

I know it sounds corny AF, but I cried at this point. You see a young girl with all of these amazing opportunities and she has to come to terms with who she is.

I think we’ve all been there – living in a state of fear over who we are, who we can be and what the world will judge us for.

Mateo comes in to check on her and the thing is you would think is that he is the last person that would come up with good advice. But he does.

Call her.

Sure, you don’t know what that person is gonna say, but you never know unless you try.



  • Papa Garcia being afraid of Daniel being hurt – I admire that about him. He wants to protect his kids at all costs. He wants to love them at all costs. He’s a great man.
  • Mama Garcia butts in too much, but she has the best of intentions.
  • Piper is the best friend that we all need in our life.

The Baker & The Beauty airs Mondays on ABC.

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