‘L.A.’s Finest’ Season 2 Premiere Postponed

Quarantine has let my ass expand a lot – because I have been sitting on it watching a lot of television. And to be honest – I haven’t minded. I try on my jeans once a week to see how far the buttons on my jeans are socially distancing from each other.

One show that I have binged is the first season of L.A.’s Finest and to be quite honest, I loved it. Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are straight up bad asses.

The show was set to premiere, but has been pushed back to sometime later in 2020.

I am not surprised that it was pushed back, and feel like it is the right decision for now.

The off shoot of Bad Boys, airs on Spectrum Originals.

The logline for the second season is as follows, “Syd (played by Gabrielle Union) mourns the sudden loss of a friend and struggles to find answers, while McKenna (Jessica Alba) must deal with the aftermath of Izzy’s kidnapping and the rift it has left in her marriage. But when a powerful crime wave in Koreatown threatens to destroy the community, Syd, McKenna and the team must find those responsible before it’s too late.

Have you watched L.A.’s Finest? What do you think of the show?

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