Nicholas Hoult Talks About Filming Sex Scenes

I’ve restarted this rant a few times, because I don’t know how to start it. I don’t know – sex in movies is weird. Then again, I am kind of jaded because I have worked in this industry long enough to know that they are so choreographed and weird that I personally examine them like a puzzle when I watch them.

Also – knowing anyone who is an actor – like I don’t want to talk to you after seeing your ass or your pelvis gyrate. Like that shit is weird.

And though there are a lot of actors I know that I have never seen their sex scenes, this makes me feel grossed out and wanting to do an ID check before watching shows.

The first time I met Nicholas Hoult was on the set of Warm Bodies and I was entranced. I will never forget him telling the on set PR person, after I asked if he could sign some books and she said no, he looked and her and said he was perfectly capable of signing his name.

Took everything in me not to laugh.

Warm Bodies didn’t have sex scenes and to be honest, I have never seen Nicholas Hoult in one. And I am good with that. Cause like nope – don’t want to ruin him for me.

But apparently he’s had quite a few in Skins. Scenes he filmed when he was 17 and he talked with GQ Hype about what it was like to film sex scenes at 17.

“Back then you’re a kid doing a job, and I’d done it for a long time at that point, but it’s also a weird position to be put in,” he said. “Not that they were bad experiences or anything… It comes much more from, ‘Just get this done as quickly as possible so I can be comfortable again and carry on with the part of acting I like.’ A lot of acting is pretty terrifying.”

This was a long time ago, before #MeToo and intimacy coordinators. Ya, it’s actually someones job to choreograph sex scenes and make everyone comfortable. Those people are essential.

The comfort and safety of the actors is essential.

Someone please tell me that these sex scenes never involved seeing any part of him naked.


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