7 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 'Warrior Nun'

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Warrior Nun’

Warrior Nun is a fun, surprising, and badass show that leaves you wanting for more as soon as the screen goes black on the season one finale. It’s also as ridiculously entertaining as the trailer makes it out to be. From the special effects to the nuns that could kick your butt with one arm tied behind their backs, this show delivers quality new TV that keeps Netflix at the forefront of content creation. Still not sure if you want to watch Warrior Nun? Here are 7 reasons why you should give it a chance!

1. It’s feminist AF

Women are allowed to be messy on Warrior Nun. They’re not perfect, they make mistakes, and they find a way to make it through the day at costs that are unexpected. These women are also badasses who are fighting something bigger than themselves and who understand the role they play in all of this, while fighting for change for the other women in their lives. And that’s what makes this show feminist AF and worth a watch! They’re all in this together and here to stop the cycle of powerful men using vulnerable women for their own means aka a story as old as time! 

2. It’s action packed

The title of this show promised and delivered on all the action my little heart desired. Each nun on screen has been trained for years in the art of kicking ass and taking names while looking like a sweet innocent nun. When in reality this nun could kick your ass from here to the moon and back. Even the most gentle looking nun knows how to fire a weapon, throw a punch, and hack into a mainframe. And don’t even get me started on what happens when infighting inevitably rears its ugly head. It’s badass from start to finish.

3. It’s surprising

After watching TV for as long as I have, it’s easy to get used to shows following specific rules. There are stereotypical guidelines that love interests fall into. Or there are tropes that antiheroes fall into that can’t be shaken off. There are simply rules that make sense and are followed because of that. Warrior Nun decided that they didn’t want to follow the same ol’ rules that everyone’s used to. That right there is the reason why this show surprised and delighted me so much. The unexpected happens on Warrior Nun in every single episode!

4. It’s full of heart

Reading the name and watching the trailer for Warrior Nun, a picture forms in your mind that this show is going to be the silliest/no fucks given thing you’ve watched since Wynonna Earp. And it’s true. It is silly at times. And there are no fucks to be given anywhere and by everyone. But that doesn’t mean that this show doesn’t have substance and loads of heart. From Ava to the Sister Nuns, heart is present on this show. In fact, like Wynonna Earp, having heart is what sets it apart and makes it worthwhile to watch.

5. It’s full of interesting mythology

Honestly, I think I need to watch Warrior Nun again. Like, right now. It’s not that I didn’t understand what I watched. I did. But the mythology behind this series is thicc and needs all the time to sit, break down, and process what we’re being told about Warrior Nun lore. What does that mean for you, dear reader? It means that you need to pay attention while watching Warrior Nun. None of that “watching in the background” is going to work here. You need to set everything aside and watch this show!

6. The special effects are on point

The special effects team at Warrior Nun absolutely killed it! From the halo that gets put into Ava to the demons that plague her, everything looked stunning and like the special effects team took all the time in the world to bring to life this world. The result is that you don’t spend time going, “Wow, that looks cheesy.” Instead you’re left going, “If I had to face that in a dark alley, I’d shit myself.” I regret none of my words. 

7. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before

Yes, I’ve compared Warrior Nun to Wynonna Earp. And yes, I’ve seen one or two reviews for Warrior Nun that compared it to Buffy. But the truth of the matter is, THIS SHOW IS UNLIKE ANYTHING I’VE EVER WATCHED BEFORE! Caps were needed to convey the seriousness of this all. But it’s true. I’ve never watched a show as fun as Warrior Nun and I love that it kept delighting, surprising, and challenging me from start to end. And isn’t that a sign that you should watch Warrior Nun?

I think it is.

Warrior Nun has been renewed for season 2 on Netflix.

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