7 Things You Might've Missed from 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Trailer

7 Things You Might’ve Missed from ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Trailer

The Umbrella Academy season 2 trailer has just dropped and oh boy is it filled with action packed moments, mysteries to be solved, and another apocalypse to stop in the matter of days. Nothing too heavy, right? Wrong, as each Hargreeves have to deal with the life they’ve created in the past versus the future they know with their family.

Until the premiere date of July 31st, here are 7 things you might’ve missed from The Umbrella Academy season 2 trailer aka all the little Easter Eggs and problem solving our little hearts can take without spoiling anything of what’s to come.


The Soviet Flag flying through the streets of The United States of America is a shocking image to see when Five (Aidan Gallagher) lands back in the 60’s. And based on the movie that was playing in theaters, The Kiss of the Vampire, the Hargreeves are going to have people in the area who will help them stop the apocalypse. But take the movie, a story about a stranded couple, as a warning that even the best intentions could hide sinister consequences.


From all the facial hair and flowing locks, this picture of the Hargreeves happens after they were separated and then reunited. This tells us that they tried their hardest, fought tooth and nail, and the apocalypse still happened. And thanks to Five, they were able to restart and try again, leaving us with multiple timelines that end in disaster as he tries to figure everything out.


In an effort to not be alone in this world, even though he has Ben at his side, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) forms a cult and becomes their leader. It’s the biggest grift I’ve ever seen and I honestly didn’t think Klaus had it in him to do something like this but survival happens in weird ways. Also, it looks like Klaus has continued his habit of writing words on his hands. This time around they say “Hello” and “Goodbye,” something he definitely uses in this teachings to his flock.


The one that I’m most worried about is Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman). Thinking that she was all alone and that her siblings didn’t make it back from the apocalypse, she created a life for herself. There’s no concrete answer to this but I believe she got married and her husband, played by Yusuf Gatewood, is in some sort of trouble during a time where people were even more open about their racist and garbage opinions when it comes to Black people. Whatever happens, she continues to prove that she’s one of the strongest people in this family.


While everyone is out there in the world, Diego (David Castañeda) ends up in an insane asylum. We can only assume that it has to do with the assassination of John F. Kennedy that has landed him in this place since he was looking less shaggy when initially talking about it. Now the people trying to stop the Hargreeves have decided to come for Diego and stop him at any costs necessary. And we’re really interested in why he didn’t break out and who this young woman is.


The commission is spearheaded by a goldfish!? Are we serious here? A goldfish with displays all around him with birds and what looks like a human statue. What has happened to these guys and has the big bad of The Umbrella Academy always been a fish? It’s wild, weird, and just what we expected from The Umbrella Academy.


Papa Hargreeves is back!? Does this mean that he knew everything about Vanya (Ellen Page) from the very start? Or will that future never happen because the apocalypse has ramped itself up to happen in 1963? I’m leading towards the latter when it comes to this. Also, where’s Pogo? He should be around and we might get the beginnings of his transformation from chimp to intellectual individual in smart looking suits.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 premieres on July 31st.

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