5 Life Lessons We Learned from Netflix's 'The Old Guard'

5 Life Lessons We Learned from Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’

The Old Guard is about finding your place, standing your ground, and realizing that this is your one life. You might as well make the most of it because once it’s your time there’s no more. That’s not to say we die alone. No. We die with the memories of the life we’ve lived, the loves encountered, and the family made along the way. That’s a rich life and one worth living. So, go for it and don’t let any CEO’s with matching hoodies stop you. Stand tall and become like those in The Old Guard.

1. Never try to best Charlize Theron in a fight.

I don’t care who you think you are or how badass you think your moves are, Charlize Theron will throw it down in a fight and win. And it’s all thanks to the dedication and time she puts into every role that she plays, be it a government agent or ancient one that doesn’t die. We love her for it and can see how she put her all into that fight scene with Kiki Layne who plays Nile. She’s got power, she’s got grace, she’ll totally knock you down on your face.

2. Never trust young CEO’s who wear hoodies under their jackets.

I knew as soon as I saw his hoodie under his suit that I wasn’t going to trust Merrick. You just can’t trust those guys, no matter how young and chipper they may look. That energy hides a desperate need to make money off the backs of the “greater good” which they have to achieve for the world and not for their own self interests. Right? RIGHT?! *crickets* And then it hit me who this young CEO is, and why I didn’t trust him before his true intentions were exposed. HE’S DUDLY DURSLEY! Never trusted that one, never will. 

P.S. It’s even worse if the hoodies are color coordinated to you jacket.

3. Never underestimate the power of flashbacks.

The flashbacks in The Old Guard were *chefs kiss.* They painted a picture of love, anger, pain, victory, loss, and so many things that would’ve been lost if they just went for a long winded explanation of who they were and what they are. Through these flashbacks we saw that Andy loves deeply and has been fighting for a purpose for longer than anyone’s existed and that her companions are her family throughout the centuries. We also saw the quality and research that the costume department went through to make everything look real. Bravo!

4. Never waste time wishing for what you don’t have.

Stop wasting time wishing for what you never could get back. Move forward with the memories of what you had and look onto the horizon for the new adventures that await you. That’s what The Old Guard taught me and what I hope to hold onto for weeks, months, or years to come. They found the strength within themselves every day to survive for each other and in each other’s memory. Yes, sometimes it gets messy and it did for The Old Guard. But they got back up and kept going and that’s what’s most important.

5. Never back down or let those around you back down.

You are a warrior. A glorious warrior who made it through this day and will make it through the next. Like Andy, you might mess up along the way or forget how your mother looked after so much time away from her. But you don’t back down and you make sure that those that you love stand tall next to you. Because this isn’t all about you. It’s about family. It’s about companionship. It’s about sharing the time you have in this world with your people.*

*Doesn’t count when you’re one of the bad guys after “the greater good.” That good is usually on the backs of others and a warrior would never do that.

The Old Guard is available to watch on Netflix.

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