7 Gifs To Describe How We Feel About Troye Sivan's 'Easy'

7 Gifs To Describe How We Feel About Troye Sivan’s ‘Easy’

Troye Sivan has dropped another bop and were we even surprised? He’s a talented young artist who manages to transform the things he feels inside into beautiful artwork appreciated by millions. With ‘Easy’ he took a step in a different direction. With lyrics that hint at possible cheating on the narrators part, he delves into the complexities of a troubled relationship.

To properly process our Troye Sivan feelings in ‘Easy’ we’ve put together 7 gifs to describe how we feel about this song! We made it even better by matching it to the lyrics of the song itself. Also, kudos to Troye Sivan for those major David Bowie feels we got in ‘Easy.’ It was real and we are here for more of it!

1. When you realized that it’s about cheating…

“You ran away to find something to say
I went astray to make it okay”

2. When you caught the endearment…

“And he made it easy, darlin'”

3. When you realize that he’s still in love…

“I’m still in love, and I say that because”

4. When you realize it’s been a complicated relationship…

“I know how it seems, between you and me
It hasn’t been easy, darlin'”

5. When you realize how much shame he’s carrying…

“I can’t even look at you
Would you look at the space just next to your feet?
The wood is warping
The lines distorting”

6. When you realize he’ll do anything to save this relationship…

“This house is on fire, woo!
Burning the tears right out my face
What the hell did we do?
Tell me we’ll make it through”

7. When he takes responsibility for his actions…

“Now I’m vulnerable, so sad and alone
But don’t cry for me, ’cause everyone knows
You reap what you sow, my darling”

Troye Sivan’s video for ‘Easy’ can be viewed below:

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