Life Lessons From Trailers: ‘The Kissing Booth’ Edition

Quarantine has got me going crazy and I feel like I have finished all the Netflix and am anxiously awaiting more. But what that really means is that I am waiting for the sequel to The Kissing Booth so that I have something to rewatch a million times over.

Because I will.

And until that happens I’ll be overanalyzing the trailer and not having a life. That’s right people – Life Lessons From Trailers is back for me to bore you with.


Relationships are hard. Like really hard. I feel like we all know that they are a lot of work and can be very frustrating and overwhelming. But they can also be some of the best fights, frustrations, and hard times that we ever feel – because love it worth it.

And yes, let me say that is if it is not an unhealthy thing.

When you are in love, it feels like you can do anything. But distance isn’t something that you really plan for. Because it’s not something that you think that you are going to have to do.

Long distance is hard. But what great things in life are ever easy? Aren’t they all worth working for? Sure, sometimes it is going to be hard, but is it worth it?

That’s what matters.


Trusting anyone is hard. It is probably the hardest thing that we have to do as human beings. When we are vulnerable our hearts have the chance of being hurt.

And with vulnerability comes the potential for all sorts of things that we try to avoid in our lives. It’s this weird thing – that line between trust and vulnerability. But the reality is that they go hand in hand.

For Elle, she knows that Noah is off at school. She’s at a stage in her life where she feels like she can take on the world, but also at the stage where other people can crawl inside of her head. The girls at school want to put her in her place. They want to prey on her love for Noah.

We all have people that will make us doubt the world that we live in, but what matters is what you do with the trust that someone has blessed you with.

Because trust is a blessing.

Temptations are everywhere. Follow your heart and it will lead you home.


The world that we live in is based in immediate information. We crave immediate attention. If someone isn’t answering us, paying attention to us – we second guess things.

But when someone is lying to us – it makes it even worse that everything is at our fingertips. Instagram makes it a bitch – because someone is always recording something and we’re all super sleuths now and can track anyone down on social media.


So don’t lie. Own up.


We may not get the answers that we want in life, we may have more questions than we can get answers for, and you may never figure it out.

For Elle, she’s questioning everything. Did she make the


We all have plans when we are kids. We all think that we have everything figured out. For Elle, she’s always wanted to go to Berkley, but that changed. Because she fell in love.

Look, when I was young I did shit based off my feelings for a boy and my heart and my vagina still regret the things they did. Ya, I went there. BUT – the thing is that you shouldn’t change your life for a man. You shouldn’t change your life for anyone but you.

If Elle wants to go to Boston or if she wants to go to Berkeley or wherever she wants to go – go there. But be honest when plans change.

Honesty is always the best way to be.


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