5 Spoiler Free Reasons You Should Be Watching Netflix's 'Cursed'

5 Spoiler Free Reasons You Should Be Watching Netflix’s ‘Cursed’

Netflix’s Cursed is the only show that you should be watching, not only because of its quality, but because of the characters, romance, assets, and villains you come to hate with every breath you take. Join Fangirlish in celebrating the release of Cursed on Netflix with 5 spoiler free reasons you should be watching!

1. Katherine Langford slayed it!

Personally, I thought Katherine was a one hit wonder who caught the attention of viewers because of 13 Reasons Why and that’s it. I’m glad I gave Cursed a chance and proved myself wrong. Langford isn’t a one trick pony. She has talent pouring out of her ears and she made this role her own! It didn’t matter if she was slaying Red Paladins or trying to make it in this world with Arthur by her side, Langford brought it and then some!

2. Merlin and his assets 

You know exactly what I mean about seeing someone’s “assets.” There’s no use in playing coy about it either. His assets are an important part of the show and we’ve decided that he’s the hottest Skarsgård because of it. There’s also the fact that Merlin has this presence about him that speaks volumes. He’s a powerhouse and he doesn’t let anyone convince him or think otherwise.  

3. The romance between Nimue and Arthur

The adventure that these two go on is like none I’ve ever seen before. Katherine Langford (Nimue) and Devon Terrell (Arthur) must’ve had the chemistry read of all ages to have the connection that these two have. There’s also a vulnerability between them that doesn’t make them weaker. No, they are stronger together and will have each other’s back no matter what comes their way and that matters.

4. Friendships, friendships, friendships

Arthur isn’t the only person in Nimue’s life. Why does that matter? Because too often women are pigeon holed into positions or roles where the man in their lives is the only one around or that they have the most interactions with. That’s not true with Cursed. Nimue has friends, family, and little ones that she cares for more than anything in this world. She’s a compassionate and kind person and that’s reflected in the company she keeps.


5. You’re going to hate someone, a lot…

We know that this doesn’t sound like the typical spoilery free reason why you should watch Cursed but trust us on this. There is a character on this show that you will hate with every breath and inch of your being. You will see this person and wish them death as they cause trouble and get on your last damn nerve. That also means the actor absolutely slayed this role. You’ve been warned!

Cursed is now streaming on Netflix.

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