Meghan Markle Apparently Was Warned Against Wearing This Necklace

Lord, I love me some royal drama – just like everyone else. But I feel like we should all just leave Meghan alone.

That being said I am ashamed to admit that I will be one of those people that can’t wait for a tell all book and will be reading all the drama. So yes, tell me I am a hypocrite. I admit I love a book of drama.

Apparently – before Meghan and Harry were married she was seen wearing a necklace that had two charms – one was a “M” and the other one was an “H”.

I legit never noticed or read anything about it – so just call me a failure right now. But she was seen wearing it in 2016, long before they announced their engagement in 2017.

Source: Meghan’s Mirror

The palace warned her against wearing it – cause photographers were going to be searching for more information and it would create new headlines.

Am I the only idiot that woulda thought it was someone in Hollywood and been going through every actors name that had a connection with her? I woulda never assumed Harry.

She apparently received a phone call about it and said very little. I wouldn’t have either. I woulda been like look you crazy bitches calm your tits.

After hanging up she was “frustrated and emotional.” Like no shit. Tell me anyone that wouldn’t be.

The book said that she knew the aide had good intentions, but lets be real good intention aside – let someone tell me what to wear. Lets have those words.

Finding Freedom is the tell all book about Harry and Meghan authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. They apparently got a lot of people to talk – which like, doesn’t anyone respect an NDA anymore?

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