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‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Re-watch Roundtable: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Dad”

We love Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist around here. A whole lot. And, well, we are in the middle of a quarantine, with very few new content coming till 2021.

So, yes, we are doing a re-watch of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and yes, we are going to be talking about every episode as if it just aired. Because, we love the show, you love the show, and frankly, what else are we going to do to fill the time?

Joining me this week for “Zoey’s Extraordinary Dad” is Fangirlish writer Lizzie, as well as guests Amanda and Jacquie.

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This is an emotionally charged episode, but let’s talk about the fun stuff first. Zoey and Max took a rather…large step forward this episode. Discuss.

Jade: I was expecting them to take some sort of step forward, because that’s how endgame OTPs are usually treated in the first season finale: Nothing concrete enough to rule out the potential for prolonged love triangles, but a moment that’s romantic enough to carry die-hard shippers through a cold, bleak hiatus. What we got far exceeded expectations. Honestly, when I joked that we were going to get wall sex in the finale, I don’t know how you didn’t crack. I was SO CLOSE!

Lizzie: I’m both so glad they got here, and honestly, so surprised. I mean, kudos to the writers, because I think you really have to strike a balance between leaving things open and giving fans what they want in any season finale, but shows these days have to deal with the added complication of not knowing if their season finale will end up a SERIES finale, and that’s a difficult balance, to say the least. But they do an amazing job here, they give us enough of Max and Zoey that we are really, really happy – and if we hadn’t gotten a season 2 I would have been angry in general, but not at that, AND they also leave enough open that we know the blueprint of what’s coming.

Focusing on Max and Zoey, though …this is all I wanted. I didn’t expect an end to the story, or even resolution, but this is what I wanted from them in the finale, for Zoey to be the one that makes the choice, for them to have a moment – a fun, flirty, sexy moment with TWO songs (one a love ballad and one a more passionate song) and for Max to be there for Zoey when the inevitable happened. So I can’t complain. 

Amanda: Let me just start by saying we were all hoping we might get a hug at best and instead we got hot and heavy making out, that if they hadn’t been interrupted could have led to more?! CLARKEMAN IS ENDGAME BABY!!!! The first time I watched the finale, this was one of the few moments where I wasn’t sobbing like a baby!

Everything about them in this episode is just what we wanted! They finally kiss, then we get Max being his romantic and adorkable self, but also still totally focused on Zoey’s needs because he drops everything to get her to her parents’ house. Then, he made sure to tell Mitch how he feels about Zoey, told Zoey to focus on herself and not worry about them, calls Simon to let him know about Mitch, and then every moment at the wake where he is subtly supporting Zoey. All of Max’s actions in this episode speak to how important Zoey is to him, and Zoey is finally realizing how important Max is to her too. 

Am I going back right now to rewatch this scene for the thousandth time since it aired? You betcha!

Jacquie: The last episode had me smiling, hopeful that these two crazy kids were on the right track. Then this one happened. And then I died. THAT KISS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE BUT NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PUT IT BACK NOW!! This may be an unpopular opinion, but that kiss really did seem to come out of nowhere, at least it felt that way for me. I mean we all knew that Zoey had those feelings, but if this season was any indication, she wasn’t planning to act on them anytime soon. Also, as the ‘missed opportunities’ series has pointed out (love that btw – read it every week), there were a lot of other moments Max deserved a kiss; arguably even more so than in this particular moment. I’ve tried to put my finger on it since the episode aired and here are my theories: (1) Zoey liked the fact that Max wasn’t seemingly stuck in a pattern or endless loop of grief unlike others that she had kissed recently, (2) that hoodie just does things for the man, or, (3) like she said … she just felt like it. Zoey was waiting for something horrible to happen all day and all that worry must have been exhausting. Maybe this was a realization that unnecessary worry won’t get her anywhere – so why not just go with what you feel. That’s a huge achievement for any overthinker so I give Zoey big kudos on that one. I could over analyze that scene until the end of time, and though it may not have made total sense to me, at the end of the day it did something that most fans have been begging for since the beginning. Zoey now knows what it feels like to feel something real – something Max (and all of us watching) knew was there even before she did. So welcome, Zoey. Welcome. 

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Zoey and Max weren’t the only romantic arc of the season – or even the episode. What do you think about Simon’s jealousy? Given what happened with Max, why did Zoey tell Simon he didn’t have to be jealous? Was she being honest – with him or with herself – in that moment?

Jade: Simon’s jealousy is a little silly, in Zoey told him that she’s comforting Max after getting fired and his emotional response is, “But those are our griefquakes!” But, hey, it’s another one of those things, where you can’t necessarily control how you feel about a certain situation. You can only control how you react. Simon may have felt jealous in that moment, but he didn’t make it Zoey’s problem; her powers did. So I’m not hating him for it or anything.

I’ll even give him a pass for seemingly “suddenly” realizing there was something between her and Max. He’d had his suspicions before, clearly, since he asked Max if they’d ever dated. It’s possible he intentionally never really considered whether he had anything to be jealous of earlier, since he’d been engaged to another woman until twelve minutes prior. A love triangle is complicated enough; if he chose it not to make a love rhombus, I can’t blame the man.

It is a little baffling how Zoey could have really told Simon he had no cause to be jealous in the finale. After everything that happened with Max – not just the “I’m Yours” of it all but the “whatever we are,” it didn’t occur to her that maybe Simon had some cause to be jealous? Girl, there’s oblivious, and then there’s sticking your head so far in the sand that you’re staring at the Earth’s core.

Lizzie: Simon’s jealousy isn’t as hard to understand as Zoey telling him he’s got no reason to be jealous. He might not have felt like he was emotionally there, but Zoey did kiss him like two seconds ago, so I can’t really blame Simon for the emotion, in general. Especially as he didn’t really express it or was rude to Zoey in any way, we just heard him sing his feelings – as did Zoey. For him to direct it at Max now, though, is a bit weird. Max has, after all, always been around. Did Simon just get a “things have changed” vibe? Or was he just being irrational because things went well with his mom so he was feeling extra confident? A little bit of both, probably.

As for Zoey, girl is in denial 101. The ironic thing is that SHE is the one who acts to make her own words a lie, about 2.5 seconds later. But there’s also the fact that she only ever feels like she needs to lie in this way to Simon, never to Max. Maybe a part of her is rightfully afraid her connection with Simon isn’t that deep?

Amanda: Let’s just point out here that what was it that tipped off Simon’s jealousy? Zoey having Cheesquakes with Max…which apparently, in Simon’s mind, was supposed to exclusively be his and Zoey’s thing? I mean the man got jealous over desserts, which means he knows in his mind that there is definitely something between Max and Zoey. Simon still needs to work on himself quite a bit before moving on into a relationship, so really he has no place to be jealous.

Since she wasn’t in a romantic relationship with either man at the time of the conversation there wasn’t anything for Simon to be jealous about, at least not at that moment. Zoey tends to get focused on her feelings for Simon I think in part because she’s been more open about how she feels about him and has had her “crush” on him for a while. Unlike with Max who she has known longer, but has only recently begun to consider pursuing a romantic relationship with.

We know that when it comes to Max, Zoey has been in deep deep denial about her feelings, so when she told Simon he didn’t need to be jealous it was mostly meant to reassure him but it was also because she wasn’t being honest with herself about how she really feels for Max.

Jacquie: Simon … just, no. I’m sorry but he has not earned the right to be that jealous. Especially not over tiny cheesecakes or Zoey’s best friend of five years. As far as canon goes, Simon has no clue about Zoey’s feelings for Max. Sure, just seeing them together is enough to light a christmas tree, but still Simon and Zoey left things off in a pretty good place before he went to his mom’s wedding. Simon, she literally told you she was willing to wait for you dude. Literally … with almost those exact words. I know Zoey told him that there was no reason to be jealous, but I actually think Simon may have been jealous of Max for a while. As we know, he’s not the best at expressing these emotions – so you could find reasoning behind it. That chat in the elevator between him and Max where Simon inquires about the parameters of their friendship/relationship comes to mind. I do think when Zoey came to his office, she was honest. At the time, he had no reason to be jealous of Max because she thought her feelings for Simon were more substantial. I think the Clarkeman kiss came from a rare moment where Zoey didn’t overthink it – and just went with what she was feeling in the moment. After that however, there is a huge shift in how Zoey acts with Simon. If she has any lingering feelings for Simon, they pale in comparison to what she is feeling for Max. Now that the floodgates have been opened, and neither of them look like they want to go back, Simon has a reason to be concerned.

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Max did a selfless thing in calling Simon to help Zoey, regardless of the love triangle. What does this say about his character? What would you like to see in the Max/Simon dynamic in the future?

Jade: I think it’s a really important thing that the show went out of its way to make it clear that Max and Simon aren’t competing over Zoey. She isn’t a prize to be won. That’s so, so rare on television, particularly when a love triangle is involved. As for what it says about Max…it says a lot about how much he loves her that he puts her needs before any sort of petty romantic rivalry. Particularly as she’s going through what is likely the worst night of her life to date, and she just doesn’t need it to be any more complicated. 

In the future, I really want them to become better friends. This series has done something remarkable in having every character be flawed, but not making any character the series “bad guy.” While I obviously have my opinion on who I want to see end up with Zoey, and while I have my opinions about the choices the characters made over the course of the season, I have no doubt that both Max and Simon genuinely care for Zoey and want what’s best for her. If the show has avoided the common trope of two men fighting each other over a woman, surely it can move forward and continue to depict a positive relationship between the characters in question.

Lizzie: I absolutely love this moment because it underscores that in the end this isn’t really a competition between Max and Simon, because it’s Zoey that has to make a decision, and she isn’t a prize to be won. So often shows fail in this dynamic by forgetting this important point, and I think allowing Max to do what Zoey needed, even if it might not have been what he would have preferred, was a perfect touch.

Moving forward, I would actually like for the show to allow them to be friends. I don’t think Zoey is going to be in the mood to enter a relationship for a while, and even when she is, that’s her choice, not theirs. 

Amanda: Max loves Zoey, he has always put her needs first which we have seen happen over and over again throughout the season. He knew that Simon and Zoey connected over their grief and that Simon could understand her loss in a way that Max couldn’t. Above all Max is Zoey’s best friend, which means he is supportive, loving, and willing to do whatever is best for Zoey. 

Even if it means calling his romantic “rival” (a term I use loosely) so that Simon can also help Zoey. When Simon thanks him for calling, it’s almost as though he acknowledges the significance of Max calling, both willing to put aside their romantic feelings for Zoey to be there for her. I think it’s also when Simon realizes just how important Max and Zoey are to one another, and how much Zoey means to Max. It’s such a romantic and selfless gesture and just shows that Max is the one for Zoey. 

For Max and Simon, I would love to see them becoming friends and spending time together, Max could use some guy friends. We need more positive male friendships on TV, no posturing, or fighting over Zoey. Just two men who happen to love the same woman but are mature enough to get along with one another. I’d also like to see things progress enough that we could get Clarkeman going on a double date with Simon and his date. It would be awkward at first, but it would be good for all of them! 

Jacquie: I’ve been having a hard time putting my admiration for Max into words. He is just such an amazing person, and an amazing partner for Zoey – and this moment is the perfect example of what I mean. Zoey needs someone who can show her what it means to be selfless, to let love guide you, and how unconditional love does a lot more for people than reason and logic can alone. And it’s not just Zoey; I also think Simon would benefit from a little bit of the magic that is Max Richman. Maybe Zoey hasn’t been the one meant to help Simon through his grief, but rather Max. Perhaps seeing how Max helps Zoey through the loss of her dad will show Simon what he’s been missing – or how he’s been handling things all wrong. These two will have to make peace with the fact that they are both important to Zoey, albeit in different ways and for different reasons, and that neither are going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve been pretty friendly and civil up to this point, and I hope they stay that way. No toxic masculinity here, please – Zoey is not a prize to be won. 

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Mo made himself vulnerable and told Eddie the truth about his feelings. How do you feel about this relationship, and where do you want it to go in season 2?

Jade: I quite like the side of Mo that we get to see in his relationship with Eddie. He’s so often the voice of wisdom on the show, and he usually has a lot more self-confidence than Zoey (then again, who doesn’t?). But Eddie brings out that vulnerability that the audience doesn’t often see because Mo tries so hard to show it. I also appreciated that the show avoided layering on contrived drama just for the sake of drama, and Eddie understood and accepted Mo’s apology. I really want to see this relationship continue to deepen and grow over the next season, because Mo deserves much more than to merely be a supporting character in Zoey’s story (as often happens with POC on television shows). He deserves to be a fully-fledged, three-dimensional character of his own.

Lizzie:  I actually really like the two of them together, and I hope the show allows them to continue to be a couple, and that they can learn to do this important thing called TALK TO EACH OTHER. I don’t want Eddie to just leave and for this to be a thing we just got in season 1, because I think we’ve already got a fair bit of development and it would be a shame to throw it out the window. Also, how often do we get a relationship like this one with two MOC? Hardly ever!

Amanda: I love Eddie and Mo together, they are adorable! They definitely need to work on communication and being more open and honest with one another, but I can see them being together for the long haul. I hope that we see more of them being couply and that Eddie going to work on the cruise has only helped strengthen their relationship. I’d love to see more duets between them, or maybe even an Eddie solo in season two. And maybe further down the line, they can tie the knot, after all, Max needs to officiate their wedding since he introduced them!

Jacquie: Once again, Mo sets the standard for conquering his fears and in such a timely fashion. The speech at Eddie’s door gets me everytime, and I think they could end up being the prime example for other couples in the show. They seem to genuinely love each other, and their conflict resolution skills are beautiful. Besides, every show needs at least one stable couple who looks around at all the chaos, says ‘NOPE’, and goes home – before coming back and trying to help. I look forward to getting to know Eddie better in season 2, and seeing what he adds to the show in a more prominent way. Also, calling it right now, ‘Meddie’ will be Team Max in s2. 

Give one gif to sum up your feelings at the end of the episode.





This was the episode the entire season built toward, with the loss of Mitch. What do you think of the way it was handled? Are you glad Zoey wasn’t there to see it? Are you disappointed David and Emily didn’t have their baby?

Jade: Of course I’m sad for David and Emily – and Mitch – that he didn’t live to see their baby. It was clearly something David was hoping his father would live to see. On the other hand, it’s awfully convenient how often television shows give that sort of payoff and a character lives just long enough to have that one moment everyone was hoping for. In the real world, it doesn’t always work that way. However, I think that regret is something we’ll probably see David struggle with next season.

Lizzie: I get emotional thinking about it, but the good kind …the way where the tears don’t feel like they’re hurting me, if that makes any sense? I think that’s a sign they did this the right way. I mean, “right way” quote on quote, because there is no way to tell this story without it being super emotional and hard and gut-wrenching, but that doesn’t make the story any less real or worth telling. And boy, do so many people tell it wrong.

I’m kind of glad Zoey was having her moment, yes, and that her last memory is a peaceful, happy one. I would have loved to see David and Emily have the baby, but I understand why they didn’t …life is hardly ever that kind. 

Amanda: We knew that we were going to lose Mitch this season, but the knowledge of that doesn’t detract from how emotionally impactful this whole episode is. When I watched it for the first time I started crying when he did the “I Love You,” buzzes to Zoey. Just as they have handled everything this season, Austin Winsberg and his team gave us a realistic and emotional look at the last moments of Mitch’s life. Knowing how deeply personal this story is to Austin, I knew that he would make sure that not only was it a truthful depiction but also one that didn’t shy away from the reality of death and loss. This episode was so powerfully emotional that amidst my tears, I texted my own dad in the middle of the night to tell him how much I loved him and missed him.

I am glad that Zoey was spared watching Mitch’s painful last moments, but part of me wishes that she was at his side for them. Not just for herself and Mitch, but also for Maggie and David, to be there grieving together as a family. However, their moment was beautiful, emotional, and the perfect way for Zoey to say goodbye. She was able to create one last good memory with Mitch that she wouldn’t have been able to if it weren’t for her powers. 

I was heartbroken that David and Emily didn’t have their baby in time for Mitch to meet him, but life, unfortunately, isn’t always fair. I do hope they plan to give the baby the middle name Mitchell in honor of him, as a first name it might be too much to emotionally deal with so soon after Mitch’s death.

Jacquie: This episode managed to touch on every significant relationship Zoey had, and I actually think they happened in ascending order from least to most important. I like that Mitch’s death wasn’t the whole focus of the episode, but absolutely the most meaningful part of it. Howie was right, no one is ever really prepared – and even after a whole season of being told it was coming, I know I certainly wasn’t. I am heartbroken for David and Emily, I wish that the baby had been born so at least there could be a picture of him with his grandfather (and namesake – I mean come on how could they not honor Mitch somehow in that way) But, I think it was true to life, not everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow when someone dies. That being said, the magic of television does give us a reprieve from total reality. When I heard that ‘psst’, I got excited but not because it came as a surprise. I could have called it from the pilot that Mitch and Zoey would have one more moment – but the fact that he talked instead of sang made it even better!!! I like that the memory Zoey will have of her father dying won’t be of his failing body, but rather his loving spirit. It’s poetic, and beautiful, and very fitting since it’s coming from a writer who perhaps wished he had gotten that gift himself. 

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What was your favorite song this week?

Jade: I’m sure it’s cheating to say “all of them,” but I also think it’s incredibly hard to choose. From a technical perspective, nothing beats “American Pie.” From a shipping perspective, the combination of “All of Me/I Know You Want Me” gave me feelings I didn’t even know I had. I can’t hear “Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)” or “True Colors” without tearing up. But I’m going to go for something a little less obvious and say it may have been “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” Mitch was Maggie’s true love for most of her adult life, and there’s something beautiful and gut-wrenching about the quiet moment between the two of them, in which Maggie hopes that somehow Mitch will remember her and think of her, even after he’s gone. Because there is no question that she will continue to dream of him. It’s a small, understated scene, but there’s such a depth of emotion to it. It’s the moment where Maggie quietly, privately says goodbye to the man she loves. I’m almost crying remembering it.

Lizzie: I think this was the best episode in regards to music, because I genuinely love them all, but I can’t say anything other than “American Pie,” because there’s such a story told within that song, and so many emotions by all the characters we’ve come to love. So, yes ….I loved them all, but “American Pie” is just …the right choice for me.  

Amanda: The last time of this season that I will mention how hard it is to pick just one song per episode! “All of Me/I Know You Want Me,” was amazing and wonderful and just gave us such the perfect Clarkeman moment. Max switching gears from loving and romantic to sexy and adorkable was fantastic. “Lullabye,” is just so emotionally painful to watch as David, Emily and their unborn son say goodbye to Mitch. Between “Lullabye,” and the instrumental version of “True Colors,” I become a total sobbing, emotional wreck every time.

However, “American Pie,” is just such an amazing scene! Everyone’s lyrics are perfect for their character, talking about what we have seen and what may come in the future for them.  And the seamless movement of the camera following them all throughout the wake and the house, from verse to verse is just phenomenal. Also from the Clarkeman standpoint, throughout the whole song, Max is in the role of the supportive spouse. Zoey introduces him to people, he’s nearby but not smothering her with attention, he brings her a drink and is there whenever she needs him. This whole song deserves all the awards! It’s the perfect way to end the season and set us up for next season.

Jacquie: It would be easier to tell you my least favorite *cough*Jealous*cough* I don’t think I could pick an overall favorite because they all just have so much going for them. “Bad Moon Rising” gives us Zoey singing to herself and opens up a whole world of possibilities for Zoey to sing without a glitch. “I Will Follow Him” is hilarious and beautifully moving (love the ponytail choreography). I will always be a little salty that we didn’t get the full version of “All of Me”, but what we got in actuality was soooooo much better (for reasons that only some of us will know and hold dear). I think I enjoyed that scene the most overall of all the songs. But you cannot talk about this episode and not talk about “American Pie”. Talk about perfection. The choreography, the assigned verses, the effortless flow and the achievement of being able to do that all in one take. It is television mastery at it’s best. 

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A lot happened in SPRQ Point over the course of the season – from Max getting fired to Joan taking over. What would you like to see from the SPRQ Point crew next season?

Jade: I am curious to know what they do with Max next year. I know he doesn’t want to move backwards, but having him at SPRQ Point also serves a narrative convenience that I can’t imagine they’ll entirely abandon. It leaves me wondering what’s going on with the fifth floor. They made a point of establishing that the floor between the two competing floors was under construction. Will Max somehow go there?

As far as the rest of the team goes, I cannot wait to see how Joan runs the company, now that she’s in charge. I hope to see Tobin mature a bit more, and eventually find love. So much of his douchebro persona is clearly put on; I want to see him drop the act and embrace the wonderful man hinted at beneath. Leif had a surprising amount of character growth over relatively few episodes; I want to see that payoff next year. I want to see him regret that his actions cost Max his job, particularly since we saw the two develop some genuine respect for the other.

And while some may disbelieve this, because I’m a shipper and shippers are supposedly so “us or them,” but I truly want to see Simon happy next year. Almost all of his scenes this year revolved around his grief. Grief is important and absolutely shouldn’t be minimized, but at the same time, his grief also shouldn’t be all he is. Embracing the healing process is healthy; dwelling in it is not. I want to see him move to a better place in his grief, even though he’ll always carry it with him to some degree. And when he’s in a better place, I want to see him find happiness and peace in love.

Lizzie: I’m curious about how the dynamic changes without Max there, or how the show will make sure Max remains a presence without him being at work with Zoey. I want more Tobin, absolutely …can we get him a love interest, and I want absolutely no more Joan/Leif, please, no more. I beg of you.

Amanda: I would love more of Tobin next season, he is one of my favorites! I want to see him fall in love with someone because he is adorable and precious and deserves it! Joan taking over is definitely going to switch the dynamics of the fourth floor, and I would love to see what Ava thinks of Joan being the one tapped to be in charge instead of her. Leif will need to make amends with Max since it’s his fault that he got fired, but with Max no longer working there I think it would be great if we could see him spending time with Tobin and Leif outside of the office. Max could use some guy friends, and it would be great to see Tobin more outside of the office.

For SPRQ Point overall I’d love to see what else they have planned for the various food bars (it’s such a great running gag, particularly with Tobin and his ridiculously large portions), perhaps a fondue or ice cream bar?  I’m also hoping that the construction on the fifth floor will be complete and that could create the potential for new characters and guest stars.

Jacquie: I just want more, really. I want more Tobin. I want more opportunities for growth for Leif. I wanna see Glenn. I want a revolving door of guest stars to come in and be Joan’s replacement while she’s HBBIC (Head. Bad. Bitch. In. Charge.) I feel like Zoey is going to need work to distract her and, since Max is not returning to the company, she’s also gonna need a new work bestie. I nominate Tobin! 

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Any Clarkeman predictions or wish list items for season 2?

Jade: The rational part of me says these two need time before they move forward. Zoey has to process her grief, and they have to rebuild the friendship that was fractured over the course of the year. Max needs to be patient with her, because “right person, wrong time” is a very real thing. Of course, the shipper in me wants them to kiss RIGHT NOW. I fully expect I’ll get the former well before I get the latter, and for the most part, my shipper heart is okay with that. For the most part. 

Lizzie: Jade and I sort of went into this in the Missed Opportunities article this week, but I mostly want …time. For them to spend time together. For them to rebuild their friendship the healthy way, because this is just not the time to go into romance, and knowing that, well …I will take a bunch of scenes of them together. Max helping Zoey with her powers and trying to figure out who needs her help. Zoey being there for Max as he embarks on …whatever he’s doing. Time. That’s really what I want. 

Amanda: *glances at watch* How long do you have? Because my wish list for these two is endless, much like the ever-growing list of fanfictions that I have planned for them.

I really, really, really want to see Zoey being Max’s rock at some point in season two. We saw how supportive Max was and how he was there for her through everything, even at the risk of his own feelings, so now it’s Zoey’s turn. Max is going to be in an unsure time right now, trying to decide what he wants to do career-wise, and there may be moments where he’s vulnerable and needs encouragement and support. 

I’d love to also see more of Max interacting with the Clarke family and his relationship with them. I know there’s been some talk of Max’s family entering the picture, and we know he doesn’t have a good relationship with his dad, so I would love to see Zoey interacting with Max’s family as well. I would love there to be moments with Max and Zoey snuggling or playing with Zoey’s nephew, just as a teaser for the future with them (also because who doesn’t want to see Max holding a baby?!)! As long as we get the two of them working through things and being together I will be happy….although I would not be opposed to another Clarkeman makeout scene, without the interruption this time!

Jacquie: I actually don’t want to set myself up for disappointment by getting so invested in an idea that may or may not come to fruition (not that I think Austin Winsberg could ever disappoint) I will say that I do believe that Zoey and Max need to even out their relationship for it to move forward the right way. And the Simon bubble has to burst. How those things happen I leave in the writer’s capable hands. I will say that I want more backstory for Max, and maybe to see more of his history with Zoey and her family rather than just hearing about it (flashbacks please!) And just more of their friendship/dynamic in general. We heard a lot about the last five years, but only got a few actual glimpses in between Zoey avoiding him and Max’s hurt feelings leading to that rift. I know they’re endgame – that’s what’s most important. But watching them get there is part of the fun. 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is available on streaming on Hulu, through the NBC app and on Peacock.

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