Sabrina Carpenter Talks About How Taylor Swift Has Influenced Her

We can all admit that when Taylor Swift releases new music, the world stops and pays attention. Her words change the way we think of things and the way we express things.

Sabrina Carpenter recently talked about how Taylor’s album, Folklore, has influenced her.

“I’ve really, really felt this energy. Taylor Swift posted something when she released her new album in the description of when it dropped and saying like, ‘I usually would overthink the songs that I’m going to put out and release. And I just feel like nothing is certain right now and so it just felt right and I wanted to do it.’” Sabrina said to Apple Music.

I love Taylor and her saying that made me stop and think for a second about all the things that I am overthinking.

Sabrina continued, “And that put me in such a good warm hearted place where then I could listen to all these songs that I’ve been making with such a fresh perspective of like, ‘You know what, this is how I feel right now in musical form. And yeah, so I definitely, definitely am aiming to get them out on a project soon. And I have some collabs that I’ve done that I’m really excited about as well, so things are coming. But I have put out this Netflix dance movie first and then we’ll get to the next thing.”

Taylor can influence anyone and that’s part of her magic. We can’t wait to hear Sabrinas new music. Can you?

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