5 Reasons We’re Excited for ‘Enola Holmes’

Two days ago Netflix published the trailer for Enola Holmes and….we’re really looking forward to it! We can’t wait to enjoy this fascinating story. and all the surprises that await us with it.  

So we had to make a list of the 5 reasons we’re excited for Enola Holmes.

Here we go!


A woman who doesn’t follow the established canons of society? We’re here for this!  But if, on top of not following them, she challenges them and confronts them, even if that means falling out with her own family, this movie has already won us forever.

Enola is a woman of character, exactly like her mother. And to whom no one, least of all a man, tells what she can or cannot do. Her mother has disappeared and she is not going to sit around waiting for anyone to find her, not even her brother, the famous investigator Sherlock Holmes. She is going to find out what happened to her, and she will not stop until she finds her mother, not caring  what society thinks or the dangers she faces. Enola is a badass, and we love her for it!


The rainy and melancholic days of London, its magical atmosphere, full of castles and dance halls that speak of the splendor of bygone times. The secrets hidden within its walls, and the places that seem taken from a fairy tale…well, they are the perfect setting to frame any story.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being part of that English high society full of dances, masks and theaters, full of rigidity and rules but with a special charm that makes all the stories they tell us about it enchant us? Enola Holmes takes place in the setting of our dreams, with an innovative story that will give us very good moments, for sure. 


Doesn’t it fascinate you that writers can surprise us? A movie like Enola Holmes, that poses a mystery, always makes us try to guess what happened. It makes us theorize and we want to know everything. But, at the same time, it gives writers the opportunity to surprise us and to make the story different from how everyone thought.

If secrets are added to that capacity for surprise and mystery, it makes our mind literally go crazy, and we cannot stop trying to find out what is happening. Enola Holmes has all of that and more, so we’re here for this!


Who doesn’t love a good family drama? A woman who doesn’t fit into the norms English society together with her two brothers, a detective and adventurer and another who lives and breathes precisely in that society so critical and ruthless with those who are different.

It’s clear that very good clashes between them await us because, what we usually do, is to despise those who seem different to us and Enola will have to face that within her own family. This movie promises to exceed all of our expectations.


Let’s be honest. This article could have just been about how perfect Henry Cavill is and that we would see anything that he starred in, participated in, said a word about, or just existed in. But we decided to contain our enthusiasm – barely – and comment on more reasons why we are looking forward to seeing Enola Holmes. But yeah, Henry Cavill is perfect and we would see anything he is involved in. ANYTHING. Period.

Are you as excited as we are to see this movie?
Enola Holmes will be available on September 23 on Netflix.
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