Henry Cavill Set To Star Opposite Millie Bobbie Brown

Now you know that we have a lot of opinions about everything, but who doesn’t? I mean, we just say the shit that other people don’t.

Now, I know that there are a lot of people that love Henry Cavill, and to be blunt – I do too. But, I also have accepted the fact that he’s not the worlds best actor and there are quite a few things that I wish that they cast other people in. But then on the flip side of that coin, I think maybe I am just jaded because he destroyed Superman for me.

The actor has a new role coming up, and well… I’ll hold out hope. The actor is set to take on the role of the detective Sherlock Holmes in Legendary Entertainment’s adaptation of Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes. Millie Bobby Brown is set to star as the title character, Enola. It was just announced that Helena Bonham Carter will play her Mom.

The book series spans six novels, first released in 2006. Who is Enola? Well the books centers on mysteries investigated by Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ much younger sister Enola. She’s a master detective in her own right. Must run in the family.

Harry Bradbeer is set to direct.

Are you excited for this film?

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