‘Euphoria’ 1×03 Review: “Made You Look”

“Made You Look” was a great title for this week’s episode of Euphoria. I didn’t look away once.  It’s not often that I watch a series that has me so completely drawn in like this has.  This week’s episode wasn’t low on drama or revelations, as per usual.

Let’s talk about it!

Everyone Else’s Happiness

Since almost OD’ing on Fentanyl, Rue has decided for everyone else’s sake, to try to stay clean.  By the end of the episode, that goal isn’t going so well for her. What she needs to realize is that if she truly wants to make a change, only she can be the deciding factor. She can’t do it for anyone else. It has to be her choice. If it isn’t what she wants, then eventually she will mostly likely slip back into old habits.

It’s agonizing watching her try to make everyone else happy when you can clearly see how miserable she is. It certainly doesn’t help with everything going on with Jules.  I hope Rue comes to find peace and happiness. Props to Fez for not giving in to her and giving her more drugs. I’m glad someone was there to say no to her. Side note, Zendaya is killing it in this role. She is so talented and she needs to be recognized for it.


Raise of hands, who has written fanfiction? I have. I know a ton of people who have. I’m not surprised that Kat wrote it as well. In my opinion, besides wanting to write and create stories, people also often write it to escape whatever is going on in their lives. It gives them a creative outlet and something that they can control.  Kat was ridiculed when she gained weight. Her boyfriend broke up with her over it and she was bullied.

She has this whole online life where she can be whoever she wants to be. She is popular and accepted. It is giving her validation.  Setting up a webcam service and recording videos is just another outlet besides fanfiction. There she is wanted, and I don’t blame her for that. Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. I hope she comes to the realize the person whose opinion matters most is her own. If she is happy and content with herself, then others don’t matter.


So, Nate is Shyguy18. That’s going to be awkward when Jules and Nate realize who they are really talking to. On top of that, Jules also slept with his dad. The wheel keeps on turning and it’s heading for a path of destruction.

Also, Jules was being a shitty friend to Rue when she was just looking out for her. Sorry she doesn’t want you to be kidnapped, raped, and made into a skin suit. Also, Rue showed some true restraint having to help Jules take pictures for Nate. She, at the very least, has a crush on Jules. That can’t have been easy. I mean, Rue did kiss her at the end of the episode. Does this make their couple name Rules? If not, it is now.

Euphoria is definitely making me look, and keeping pace with the first two episodes when it comes to my expectations. What about you? Share with us your thoughts on this week’s episode.

Euphoria airs Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.

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