Millie Bobby Brown Talks About The Anxiety That Comes With Living In The Public Eye

Living your life on display isn’t anything that I would want. Judgement is hard. It’s a suffocating thing – when you know you have to live up to expectations, but you wonder if the expectations that you have for yourself are enough.

Maybe that’s part of the anxiety that I live with every single day. My anxiety is bad enough.


I can’t imagine being Millie Bobby Brown, where there is nothing that she does that isn’t under scrutiny. The actress spoke Glamour UK about her struggles with anxiety and being in the public eye.

“I keep most things private in my life. Personally, I struggle with anxiety and in some ways, this has hindered it. When I’m having a bad day or I’m feeling very anxious, some things like when people say, ‘Oh, you looked bad at this award show because you looked like this or you looked like that,’ those things make me a little bit more anxious and that hinders me a little bit more,” she revealed.

The world is a vicious place, unnecessarily. We don’t know the battles internally that people are fighting.

“I think Enola Holmes also taught me that being with yourself, being your own biggest critic, being your own biggest support team is so important, too. I rely on myself to give myself self-love, because that’s just literally the only way I can. I tell myself, ‘Wow. I did good in that,’ and I have to give myself love because that’s important. Everyone has to empower themselves.”

Empowering yourself is of the utmost importance. We will take her advice.

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