Freeform Wants Viewers to “Kick 2020 in the Ballots. FF’ing Vote”

As far as campaigns go, this is one of my favorites. I mean, you can’t argue with the message, after all. An individual vote might not decide an election (though, this is 2020, stranger things HAVE happened), but not voting is letting someone else decide for you.

Freeform’s “Kick 2020 in the Ballots. FF’ing Vote” campaign, which starts today, will consist of “a series of on-air, out of home, and social PSAs reminding fans to make their voices heard by mailing in their ballots or showing up to the polls this November. Additionally, this activation will encourage fans to share on social media what issues they want to kick in the ballots and tag a friend to continue inspiring each other, using the hashtags #Kick2020intheBallots and #FFingVote.”

You can check out their first TV spot below:

In conjuction with this campaign, the network will premiere an election-themed series hosted by Kal Penn. The six-episode series is set to premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 22 (National Voter Registration Day), and will conclude with a one-hour season finale on Tuesday, Oct. 27

Hosted by Kal Penn, the show is a smart, irreverent unscripted comedy series that explores issues relevant to Millennial and GenZ voters. Each episode will consist of comedic field pieces as well as a sit-down interview with Kal and a featured guest. With topics ranging from voting basics to voter empowerment, the economy to climate change, the series will break down key issues young voters are passionate about and arm them with the tools they need to make an impact and vote.

And that’s not all:

Freeform is also partnering with purpose-driven media company ATTN: to produce a non-partisan digital voting series outlining what our viewers need to know heading into this November’s election. The series will cover everything from voter registration and the importance of local elections, to why FF’ing voting matters. Featuring network talent, the videos will run on-air in addition to being shared with 20MM+ followers across the various Freeform and ATTN: social accounts. All videos will support Walt Disney Television’s voting partner, I AM A VOTER.

What do you think about Freeform’s “Kick 2020 in the Ballots. FF’ing Vote” campaign?
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