Outlander Season 4

Catch Up With ‘Outlander’s Caitriona & Sam

When Starz first announced the Outlander End of Summer Series, we all quickly zeroed in on episode 4 as the one we really wanted to watch. The rest was interesting, there’s no arguing against that, but what we really wanted was to catch up with …well, Caitriona and Sam.

They are, after all, the reason we’ve been watching Outlander all this time.

And, well, no, this isn’t more of the show, or even an idea of what (or when) we’re going to get more of that, but it is better than nothing! And we will absolutely take it.

Check out the video below and catch up with Caitriona and Sam, as you settle into this Droughtlander that promises to be even longer than usual.

Outlander is available to stream on Starz.

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