‘New Amsterdam’ 3×05 Review: “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

NEW AMSTERDAM -- "Blood Sweat & Tears" Episode 305
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  1. Mandy says:

    I’m a lais·sez-faire watcher. Catch all episodes in my own time without too much involvement or opinion. Some of the actors have past and carried over endearments from previous shows so I enjoy the chance to see actors use their craft in a plot line that clearly tries to pull the best of hopes heroes even in the worst of times and traumas. As an empath, I’m constantly looking for fictional optimism that isn’t overly cheesy. NA fits this bill for me just fine. As to how I found you — that’s a funny thing. I’ve never googled the show or put too much into it. But last night’s episode had some interesting things that stuck out, so I picked around a little. Finding your blog and thoughts about Blood Sweat and Tears, I was so glad to know that you had these observations. I agree with almost all of them and some of your thoughts, I realized were exactly mine. You want to know what drove me to Google this episode? PUPPIES. I would give most of my blood to be able to cuddle with puppies. Also THOSE puppies, I’m almost positive were Sheepadoodle puppies and I have a 3 year old Sheepie and she is my world. Why did they just leave them caged and not have them on leashes walking around? And why didn’t they spend 5 minutes just letting me look at them? Is it weird that my husband and I paused the show to smile at them and make awwwww noises? #notashamed.

    On to your observations:

    Max is the best at looking bewildered. He’s got those eyes that look like every animated character was drawn using Max’s eyes for frame of reference. Perfect for surprised, heartbroken, sincerely grateful. Confused.
    I really adore Helen. She is the epitome of grace and intelligence and as an actor, Freeman Agyeman is so brilliant. She was in another of my favorite shows, Sense 8. I am having such a hard time finding chemistry between she and Cassian. (Who definitely didn’t win points with me when he snapped at Reynolds last week.HmMm. Nope. You don’t get to do that.) I was actually hoping they’d explore romantic possibilities with he and Lauren because I think she tends to soften when she has friends and colleagues and romantic partners that will call her on her crap.

    Speaking of Lauren. Woo boy. That white privilege thing has been this dull thudding ache for a while but these last few episodes it’s like a blinding hot spotlight that’s hard to ignore. Show runners should address that soon and hard and say it out loud. I would hate to think the writers aren’t aware of how the audience is viewing that and that they wouldn’t be brave enough to push it further to flat out giving it the name it needs. The police in the ER thing was just cringey. Yes, the idea that they hinted that she feels safe because she’s white, lightly brushed the subject. But this “random homeless woman” doesn’t need to stay Lauren’s pity project. Or it just adds to the white savior/privilege thing without calling it out. Also, this new woman should be added to the cast as a new doctor.

    Re: Sharpwin (😂) I think their chemistry is great and I can’t wait to see this happen. I agree it will be worth the wait. Given all he’s gone through, they’ll have to build that sweet, funny and steamy stuff back up over time without adding baggage. It will happen. I’m not worried. In the meantime, I hope it’s not Cassian we have to watch her with.

    Re: Iggy- Bless him. I hope he finds great success in his next steps. But I hope they do something surprising with his story.

    Re: Floyd —

    This FloRey is not just my favorite Floyd Reynolds
    He’s the best anybody of NA3 right now. ❤️

    I love that Dr Kao will be given some serious airtime. Agnes is the whole package and I hope they just keep adding more Agnes.

    And please please give us more Sandra Fall. She will be a dry, charming wit to Max’s mellow drama.
    *See Lily Tomlin to Martin Sheen in the West Wing.

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