‘Big Sky’ 1×10 & 1×11 Review: “Catastrophic Thinking”/”All Kind’s Of Snakes”

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I agree. I think Scarlet may be the reason Ronald has to leave and return to Helena for good. I also think that Rand attacked the ranch hands daughter. He’s crazy!

  2. Cheryl Turner says:

    This show had me at “Dear Mr. Fantasy!” Then we see the store clerk shop-lift on her way out the door and Surprise, she’s hooked up w/ Ronald. But then, a woman w/ a young daughter who moves a guy into their home after knowing him less than 3 months has got to be a little bit psycho – looks like Ron’s replaced his wack job mother w/ a whack job girlfriend! Loving the new Marshall and Jerrie, of course.

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