‘Big Sky’ 2×15 Review: “The Muffin or The Hammer”

Big Sky 2×15 “The Muffin or The Hammer” was another episode that brought a whole lot of drama but also a few eye roll inducing moments.

‘Big Sky’ 2×14 Review: “Dead Man’s Float”

Big Sky season two seems to be getting closer to the end so we aren’t really sure why they decided to add in yet another new storyline.

‘Big Sky’ 2×13 Review: “The Shipping News”

This week’s episode of ‘Big Sky’ 2×13 “The Shipping News” seemingly wrapped up one storyline while leaving one still open. Also, there is a third storyline that may be closed but, based on what the ‘Big Sky’ writers have done…

‘Big Sky’ 2×12 Review: “A Good Boy”

This week’s episode of Big Sky was much better than 2×11 “Do No Harm.” There was a lot of action, a few edge of the seat moments, and a whole lot of shooting. They even managed to get a redemption…

‘Big Sky’ 2×11 Review: “Do No Harm”

You know that excitement you feel over watching an episode of your favorite show each week? Well, that’s not really a feeling we’re getting with Big Sky at all. We admit we were hooked when season one began but season…

‘Big Sky’ 2×10 Review: “Happy Thoughts”

Big Sky 2×10 “Happy Thoughts” was anything but filled with happy thoughts. Are we really surprised though with a show like this one? There’s always something happening. Cassie is still dealing with the aftermath of her father’s murder, all of…

‘Big Sky’ 2×09 Review: “Trust Issues”

Big Sky is back and the title “Trust Issues” was a good choice considering all that happened. Time for a review!

‘Big Sky’ 2×08 Review: “The End Has No End”

I can’t believe I am writing about the winter finale of Big Sky. I mean, the show just came back from another break, so I thought there were still a few more episodes to go, but here we are. The…

‘Big Sky’ 2×07 Review: “Little Boxes”

Big Sky is back, and the latest episode did not waste time unpacking a bunch of things. The previous episode “Heart Shaped Charm” gave us a lot as well and I guess with the mini break in between, it was…

‘Big Sky’ 2×06 Review: “Heart-Shaped Charm”

In Big Sky “Heart-Shaped Charm“ we were in everyone’s world and we got a lot more of Stone this time around.

‘Big Sky’ 2×05 Review: “Mother Nurture”

Big Sky is back from its short break and the latest episode “Mother Nurture” picked up right where the last one left off. In Big Sky episode 2×04 “Gettin Right To It,” the teens; Max, Harper, and Madison were working…

‘Big Sky’ 2×04 Review: “Gettin’ Right To It”

Big Sky season two has had its slow moments but episode 4 “Gettin’ Right To It” did exactly that. It got right to it. It was an hour of television that actually kept my attention and had a few gasp-worthy…

‘Big Sky’ 2×03 Review: “You Have To Play Along”

Big Sky 2×03 “You Have To Play Along” was all about people, well… playing along.  Jenny is getting used to all that she’s accepted with rejoining the police force, Cassie has to deal with following the rules of what it…

‘Big Sky’ 2×02 Review: “Huckleberry”

Big Sky “Huckleberry” is getting into the nitty gritty this season. That makes it easy to focus on the new characters the show is adding.

‘Big Sky’ 2×01 Review: “Wakey Wakey”

Alrighty folks, Big Sky is back! We have now reached season two of this wild show and episode 2×01 ‘Wakey Wakey’ brought us an entirely new story and a host of new characters. Let’s get this review started. In the…

Logan Marshall-Green Joins The Cast Of ‘Big Sky’

Season two of ABC drama Big Sky is getting closer to returning for the Fall TV slate and the series is adding more and more cast members.  The latest one to join the David E. Kelley series based on the…

Michelle Forbes To Join ‘New Amsterdam’ For Season 4

Michelle Forbes is joining the cast of New Amsterdam for season 4, and that means we’re getting a latina doctor, so trust us, we’re happy.

‘Big Sky’ 1×16 Review: “Love Is A Strange And Dangerous Thing”

We have finally reached the season finale of Big Sky. Episode 1×16: “Love is a strange and dangerous thing,” was a little on the slow side for me, but the final moments had me on the edge of my seat.…

‘Big Sky’ 1×15 Review: “Bitter Roots”

Big Sky episode 1X15: “Bitter Roots,” gave me tons of notes and it did not hold anything back at all. Let’s get into it. We review!

ABC’s ‘Big Sky’ Renewed For A Second Season

Looks like we’re getting more Dewell and Hoyt in our future. Big Sky has been renewed by ABC for a second season. And we’re so excited!

‘Big Sky’ 1X14 Review: “Nice Animals”

Big Sky’ episode 1X13 ‘White Lion,’ ended with a bang and that’s where ‘Big Sky’ episode 1X14 “Nice Animals” picks up. We review.