What are horse girls, and why does everyone hate them?

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  1. Susan says:

    I was born loving horses. Totally obsessed. We lived in the city so I couldn’t have a horse. I drew them, read about them, dreamed of them. Drove my parents crazy. I taught our poodle to jump a course of fences I set up in the back yard. I hitched my cousins up like they were buggy horses and stood behind them and drove them. I would ask them to trot and they would. Lol. I rode an oil tank that was in our yard. I used rope for reins and a towel for my saddle. I cantered around our front yard and pretended I was riding my horse and I would do flying lead changes. I rode the stairway banister upstairs and made stirrups out of belts. I would lead my imaginary chestnut mare named Penny around the yard. Finally, at age10, my parents let me start riding lessons. I’m 68 now, have owned horses since then. I’ve shown, bred, and sold alot of horses. I’m not the excited girl I was as a kid, but still love them. They brought me through many sad times in my life.

  2. John mertz says:

    I had to laugh a little at this because I’ve spent my life alongside these girls as a “horse guy”, early on as a boy working at stables and later as an instructor teaching them. You’ve captured them perfectly. I have nothing but affection for these girls i think they’re mostly misunderstood.

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