Someone Tell Clint Eastwood to Stop, Please

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  1. James Cosgrove says:

    Is there anything in this country that someone isn’t going to complain about. Free choice that’s what this country is about.

  2. Sue says:

    Clint Eastwood makes good movies. Glad he can still perform.

  3. Mark Temons says:

    This writers jealousy of Clint Eastwood’s ability to write, direct and act in movies that can truly entertain after so many decades is apparent.

  4. Matthew Raddatz says:

    Maybe if we had a few less liberal reporters such as yourself this country would be in better shape than what it is and maybe if we had a few more men like Clint Eastwood willing to act like a man instead of some transgender whatever you want to call it I know this country would be in better shape you bunch of Cry Baby whiners oh he hurt my feeling he made a movie I don’t like but yes you can show Blood and Guts and Gore to children at 7 8 years old playing video games blow it out your ass

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