‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×01 Review: “Closure”

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  1. Gina Smith says:

    I can’t believe that this writer suggested getting rid of Voight! He is the show and everything revolves around him. No one likes Hailey. She can’t fill Erin’s shoes. We hate her hollier than thou attitude, until it suits her to act otherwise. She’s a hypocrite. We love Adam & Kim and can’t wait for them to finally realize they are a family already. Kevin needs more air time and a significant other. I hope Jay dumps Hailey and she leaves Chicago broken heartef. Hank is the glue that holds it all together. Good or bad, he lives life by his code on his terms and the good guys win.

  2. John Jay (Vulcan John) says:

    This is a reply to Ms. Smith who is a fan of Hank. Putting your hatred of Hailey aside because that is an issue of missing another character, your love of Voight is problematic to say the least. This is fiction and his character adds a antagonist to the show that is a foil for the likes of Jay, Kevin, and Kim. However your reverence for his brand of justice is the issue here. As former law enforcement myself, I can tell you now, there are individuals like Hank’s character in real life. Individuals who will break the rules to suit their own needs or wants. Individuals who think that the badge shields them from the laws that apply to the public; that the rules don’t apply to them. From taking a free meal to planting a knife on a guy to give him a third strike; this stuff does happen. But lest we forget, the show started with Hank on the take to look the other way for some drug dealers. That safe in his basement was full of money earned by looking the other way and letting them know when cops were looking their way. The only reason he stopped helping the drug dealers was he got caught. IA was using him to bust people. Hank worked for IA to save his skin and get out of jail, not because he finally decided that the drugs were bad and grew a conscience. He also killed the man that killed his son, which lead to Al’s death. He also tried unsuccessfully to get Kevin to kill an man who threatened Kevin’s family before others showed up on the scene. These are just the tip of the iceberg of the illegal stuff he did. There are so many more instances that should have lead to Hank going to jail. The only difference between Voight and the criminals is that he carries a badge, period. While he may have some redeeming qualities (he protects woman and kids), it’s not enough to make a difference. You need to take a look at your own reasons for liking him and him being “the glue” and wonder why his brand of justice is something you admire, because in the end he should be rotting in jail or dead. Oh, and as for the person who wrote this article, she convey what is true in her heart and mind. You don’t have to like, but you do have to respect it.

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