‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 13×01 Review: “Subject 17”

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  1. You make 1 excellent point here: Hetty will do anything for her team, and her team will do anything for her.
    Unfortunately, this episode has left me feeling more insulted then pleased. It’s not just the whole rewriting of Callen’s past either, it’s what Kilbride said to Hetty about what she went through in Season 9 (which was completely inappropriate!!) and seeing ‘Special Guest Star’ next to Linda’s name that really set me off.

    I got into this show mainly because of Hetty. And, I just don’t have the energy to put up with these episodes live if she’s always going to be gone and this show will mainly revolve around rewriting Callen’s past and the never ending Densi baby drama. So, I’m gonna be recording future episodes and getting spoilers on Twitter, and I’ll skip the whole episode if I don’t like what I’m hearing about.

    There were a couple of bits that I liked: Seeing Hetty at her home, her talk with Kensi, the familiar humor and banter. And this is a nice review. What I’m mainly wishing for now is for Hetty to deal with whatever she’s been through since Season 10, because whatever she’s been through, it’s impacted her deeply, and it’s showing.

  2. Diddy says:

    I liked this premiere and was glad to see the team back (and didn’t miss Nell and Beale as much as I thought I might) and liked your review overall, but found a few points that, as a Callen fan, you might not see as important. First, this was a great job of acting by Chris who’s been given few opportunities to shine in the past few seasons. This Callen was also the Callen of earlier seasons who gets angry and shouts and doesn’t put up with crap and defies authority when he feels he needs to. Kudos to the writers for bringing Callen back. As for the idea that he should have known everything about his relationship with Hetty by now, I think it’s more complicated. He knew she helped him when he was a teenager; he didn’t know that her “training” of him began when he was 6 years old. And lastly, you mentioned that Hetty will do anything for her team. I disagree. She’s done lots for other team members, but what has she done for Callen recently? Did she help him find his father? No, she blocked his efforts. Did she tell him about Darius? No, that was another secret she kept from him. Did she help Anna when she was arrested? No, she got her involved in a CIA plot that saw Anna become a fugitive. Did she help Callen find Anna? He didn’t ask, but, she never offered. So, exactly what HAS Hetty done for Callen these past few seasons? I’d say not much which makes his anger and feeling of being betrayed by her seem perfectly normal.

    Anyway it was an interesting, well-written episode and, I’m interested in seeing where all the various storylines go.

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