‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×05 Review: “Burnside”

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  1. Erica E Brodie says:

    The writers should give Adam a girlfriend and end the hopes of the Adam and Kim reunion between them completely. No offense it’s good that Kevin gets a girlfriend but a badgirl as that. The writers just need to give Kevin a woman that’s a better fix for him that hasn’t fallen to the life of Crime. I wish that the writers would end things with this supposed of been new girlfriend bad influence for him already. I want a Kevin and Kim romance instead.

  2. Joseph Gimba says:

    The writer should make kavin to confess to this bad teacher that he a policeman, but before then he should talk her out of influencing her students negatively. And end the relationship before it goes any further to ruin his police work.

  3. Rich says:

    I really wish that this occurred in Episode 3 and Episode 4 had been Hailey’s breakdown. Episode 3 built up to Jay and Hailey’s conversation/argument and we got none of it. That was disappointing. Kevin’s relationship is not necessarily doomed. The teacher is not a criminal. She is trying to help troubled teens, this creates the potential for them to bring their troubles to her. When she finds out that he is a cop it will cause an issue, but when she finds out the kind of cop he is and that he risked his career to correct a wrong and fight racism, she might view him differently.

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