‘New Amsterdam’ 4×06 Review: “Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye”

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  1. Olori-Oyin Kambon says:

    I agree with your ideas on what should happen . I hope they don’t have Freema leave the show or split with Max because I think they will lose fans including me. We all should know that Max is the star, the Robin Hood , the activist and agitator of New Amsterdam so the writers need to stop insulting our intelligence by leading us to think he will be leaving forever! We want Max and Freema back with their team and use Good Trouble to get rid of the Beast. Fuentes as Max calls her. Hopefully we get to see Helen enjoy parenting and falling in love with Luna. and we want to see Max put a ring on it! We need more joy. I am sure they can work through the hurdles of HR.

  2. Carma says:

    Neither Ryan Eggold or Freema Agyeman is leaving the show. So please stop worrying about that! Yes they are going to go to London, in the show, but they are not leaving the show as it has been renewed through S5. The way things continue to go, we fans may get another season or two out of it but they are fully committed to New Amsterdam.

    I actually had to look at this episode a couple of times because I was really a little upset with Helen and the ex-boyfriend plotline and her not telling Max, etc. But after re-watching I felt a little better but I still feel bad for Max.

    However I think Fangirlish’s comment about fear is truly what Helen is all about and the intensity of her fear–of being committed to Max, the family, etc., is magnified & rears her “abandonment” issues. The things that make you afraid intensify and the more you have to lose the more you fear – perfect. I think that is the crux of Helen’s issues and why it can be somewhat upsetting to the fans. She seemed like such a fearless person before and now we’re seeing a lot of insecurities which is part of any normal relationship. I guess if they had developed more of her backstory in the last 3 seasons, it wouldn’t be so shocking, baffling or confusing (her behavior) to the system. Max certainly appears to be all in, and putting her first; it’s Helen who seems to have the doubts but I’m sure it will all be resolved, eventually. I’m on this bumpy rollercoaster ride to the end!

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