New Amsterdam 4×10 Advanced Review: “Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception”

New Amsterdam - Season 4
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  1. Sofia Hancock says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  2. Carma says:

    Season 4 has been such an emotional roller coaster ride–and not always for the better, for Sharpwin or show, in general–I don’t know if I can actually take anymore.

  3. Eve says:

    I’m guessing this is the episode that max decides to stay. I don’t know if the writer told us too much or if I’m irritated because we have to wait until Tuesday to see it.

  4. Lyl says:

    I don’t know why I have the feeling that Bloom is the one with the romantic lines for who she shouldn’t!!!!

  5. Carma says:

    Season 4 with an emotional rollercoaster ride–not always for the better for Sharpwin or in general–and I don’t know if I can take much more of this. Hopefully the second half of S4 we’ll have a course correction and be better for Sharpwin.

  6. M Everett says:

    Waited a long time for Sharpwin, but it doesn’t seem like a happy ending for them; disappointed. Too much going on with the hospital as a result of Max supposed to be leaving, so when he doesn’t how he going to clean up the mess Fuentes has made. Don’t know if I continue to watch, losing interest in the storylines

  7. Robin says:

    I’m over it. Too much crap, not enough patient/medical stories. Feels like a bad soap, too much romance for a medical drama. No

  8. Debi says:

    Haven’t liked this season at all. The chemistry between all of the main characters has been fractured at best and completely disappeared most of the time. It’s become a not very exciting drama. The constant turmoil and negativity resembles the life we are all leading right now. I loved the way this show use to make me feel.

  9. Nomi says:

    There’s a lot missing between Max & Helen since they got together aside from the first episode of season 4 and the cute scene when Max kissed Helen’s face down to her neck. The rest seems to be lacking passion. To me they showed their love so much more before it was actually admitted. Personally I like the drama of the show more than the medical aspects but that’s just my personal preference. I hope the writers/producers can create better content for the rest of the season especially between Sharpwin.

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