‘Chicago P.D’ 9×09 Advance Review: “A Way Out”

Chicago P.D. 9x09
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  1. Gray says:

    Betty – no, they don’t. You are pathetic!! Jay is literally here since the start and he was and is fantastic character!! the most complex one, next to Voight. So stfu. and Hailey is great too!! Why majority of you, is so immature, than the moment when conflicts appear for these characters or smth more profound, you start to hate on them? You are all shallow idiots. The conflict has to be there, it’s drama and tv! Also, what are you even talking about? Jay is absolutely great and was since day 1. If you have complaints tell it to the writers. Jesse is great anyway, always was. The only originals in the unit are Hank and Jay – Jay was member of the unit already in the pilot, Kim and Atwater were street police and Adam was in the academy. Jay and Voight are gonna come together, I’m sure of it. And if you just don’t like Upstead then grow the f up! Everyone likes different things! I, for one, hate Burzek – 9 yrs together, yet they are still on aagain/off-again, pathetic. So see? Keep your hate to yourself.

  2. Betty says:

    Jay and haley together stink!

  3. Cris says:

    I’m so excited for Wednesday!!

  4. VulcanJohn1 says:


    While I don’t agree with the tone of Gray’s message to you, I must confess that in general he is correct about the characters being dramatic and complex. While Jay has been the character I connect with the most do to similar backgrounds, I like him much more now than I did in the beginning. He has matured considerably and has since dealt with his many issues such as PTSD, parental abandonment, and commitment phobia. In no small part due to the assistance of Hailey. She pushed him to get counseling for his PTSD, saw him through his fathers death, and through their partnership worked towards a equal and loving relationship. While I know you must be a Lindstead fan, their relationship was deeply unhealthy for them both, especially Jay. Their communication was terrible and the relationship was extremely one sided. It was much more parasitic instead of the symbiotic relationship Jay and Hailey have. One needs to only watch them together to see that. They move as if magnets, always gravitating towards one another and never more than arms reach from each other. I hope you can find peace with them together as I am certain that it’s the writers intention to keep them together as long as the actors who play them wish to continue working on the show. Be well.

  5. Grace Peynado says:

    I love Jay and Hailey together….. for me she is the cream of the crop as a lady detective! She is the female Voight..for real..just a younger version..
    Also I know this is old, but I just can’t stop missing Al…why did they have to kill him? Why not just transfer him…feels too real for me…Am was the cop with the difference in that group…well…ok.

  6. Erin says:

    It’s strange to me that the season has focused on Hailey and her guilt. She made a clean shoot. Why the drama?
    Meanwhile Burgess. Who is much more of a favorite, and a great detective, almost died.
    Yet she is back to work as if if nothing happened.
    Shouldn’t she be the one with PTSD?
    That would have made an interesting season. lying to Burgess, not killing a man she thought was going to kill Voight.
    I don’t get it. It seems they are cramming Hayley down our throat. And her hands aren’t clean. She’s done some questionable things in her past.

  7. Tpearson says:

    Don’t take away any one

  8. Kate says:

    Going a bit crazy here, but might someone be walking down an aisle in black – with Hank as best man or “father of the bride”?

  9. lynn says:

    It’s not like Burzek are an actual couple who have been on and off again for 10 seasons. It’s the writers who control that, just like they control Jay and Hailey’s relationship. I don’t understand how they get Jay and Hailey together and married in 2 seasons and I can only presume there is going to be marital trouble ahead for them. Obviously, a lot of viewers want Burgess and Ruzek together so the writers keep the “will they or won’t they” storyline going. I hate when writers do this for such a long period.

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