‘Eight Gifts of Hanukkah’ Review

Eight Gifts of Hanukkah
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  1. James E Grant says:


  2. Tiffany says:

    I enjoyed reading the comments of someone who actually celebrates Hanukkah. I have to say I’m not surprised you found the film over the top and that you thought Hanukkah colors exploded everywhere. Hallmark does the exact same thing in Christmas films (and now Fall films). In other words, holidays and seasons are always depicted in an over the top way in Hallmark movies. Fans come to expect that and, I assume, love it. What house actually has all that decor? Why is no one working, except the person from the beginning scene, who usually lives in a big city and is overworked? Anyway, it’s easy to find flaws or laugh at certain aspects of these films, but I still come back to them year after year. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a holiday movie that wasn’t Christmas. I’m glad that this was a full Hanukkah movie and not just a Christmas movie with a Jewish person thrown in for good measure. Thanks for your review!

  3. Shana says:

    That’s the thing, though: There really AREN’T any Hanukkah colors. I felt like I was having the Israeli flag vomiting on me or something. Hop on instagram or facebook during the holiday, and you’ll find actual Jews lighting all sorts of different-colored candles on their chanukiyot. I generally make sure I have pinks and purples, among whatever else winds up in the box I buy, because I find them pretty. Even if it WAS a thing, it was just…a lot. I know Hallmark’s holiday films over the top in general, but with some of the harmful stereotypes that were perpetuated here (i.e., Jewish = doctor or lawyer or something finance-related…), it just adds a really uncomfortable element. Honestly, there were a lot of uncomfortable moments that really had me wondering if the filmmakers lived under a rock. ex: I wound up tossing it out of the review itself, but I also had a note about Daniel making a “smells like Hanukkah” comment after opening the oven? 1) If there’s a Hanukkah smell, it’s burnt candles and fried foods, not something baked in the oven…and 2) my people? Ovens? That’s a giant NO from me.

  4. Jan Melnyk says:

    I enjoyed the movie–yes, Hallmark movies are have fomula plots–but I enjoy the predicictability of them. And I love seeing the clean, nicely decorated houses, the opposite of my own! And the food! The Jewish food looked so yummy. The brisket, the kugel…Maybe Jewish poeple don’t have time to cook like that, but hey, I don’t have time to make gingerbread houses–so the Christmas stories are over the top too.These movies are warm fuzzies, a nice break from murders and horror shows. I did enjoy seeing a Jewish story but yes, I agree, the geld trope was a not a good look. And there wasn’t chemistry between Sara and Daniel. But I loved the gift of Bubba’s retro glasses. I don’t expect Schindler’s List when I see a Hallmark holiday movie. Just a happy sugary ending.

  5. Shana says:

    I don’t know where, in any of this, I asked for a Shoah story. But you do you with throwing Schindler’s List out here, casually, at a Jewish person. And it’s Bubbe. A Yiddish word. For grandmother. Not “Bubba.”

  6. Bj says:

    First off i want to apologize, i am not Jewish, i am not apologizing for that but that i do not know enough about Jewish traditions or religion, but that being said “the eight gifts of hannukah “is one of my favorite hallmark movies ever. i hope they make a part 2, where Sara and Daniel get married. i also thought Sara and Daniel had good chemistry. i also think that Inbar and Jake are good actors.

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