‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×17 Advance Review: “Adrift”

Chicago P.D. - Season 9
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  1. Rich says:

    I do like all the characters on Chicago PD for what they each bring to the show. As far as Kim and Adam are concerned, early in the show seasons 1-3 I was more sympathetic to Kim. Adam was immature and wasn’t ready to get married. He didn’t realize what was important to her and took her for granted. This changed for me in seasons 7-9. Adam has matured, though he can still be childish. He has been supportive of Kim and put her first and Makayla first. It has been Kim who has taken their relationship for granted and at times has said or done things that are completely dismissive of his feelings. It was inevitable that this would boil over at some point.

    Hailey in red, I’m fine with. I hope it isn’t the red plaid shirt though. When she wears that, a tough emotional conversation is coming.

  2. Linda says:

    I love Kim and Adam together.I hope they make them a permanent couple.I love Hank..He does things his way and gets the job done that means even crossing a few lines.As for Jay and Hailey I dont like them as a couple.I truly wish she was taken off..Her character acts like shes better than the rest and like shes such an honest person but we all know that isnt true..overall i love this show and pray it stays on for a very long time.

  3. Judy says:

    I absolutely love Chicago PD. I wish it was on 5 days a week. Love the cast !

  4. Betty Ward says:

    I love Kim and Adam together but sometimes I don’t understand Kim and the way she treats him. Yes Adam can go off a bit on the wild side but he loves deeply for the people that he cares for no matter what. I really love that about him. But I want him to feel loved, happy and wanted to.

  5. Analía Verónica ibañez says:

    Amo a Adam y a Kim me parecen una hermosa pareja disfruto mucho los episodios q se enfocan en ellos. Espero q ya estén juntos me encantan!!!

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