‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×06 Review “End of Watch”

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  1. VulcanJohn1 says:

    I will start by saying I have never liked Adam. From the very first episode when they pulled Adam from the Chicago Police Academy (before his training was complete) because they needed someone to do undercover work, he was a yes man. He was raised in a cop family and taught that it was us (cops) against everyone else (citizens), but it was even more than that. Adam’s dad was a 9 to 5 cop who kept his head down and just did the minimum he needed to do so he could get home each night to his family, Adam wanted to define himself differently. He wanted to be an old-school cop that did whatever he had to get the job done. He wanted to be a “ends justify the means cop” that played by the same rules as the bad guys. The problem is, that kind of thinking makes you a bad guy too, just a bad guy playing for another team. To be a good police officer you have to have integrity and a belief that the rules apply to everyone including cops. You have to understand that it’s much more difficult to be a cop than a bad guy because you have to follow the rules. The bad guys have the advantage, because they don’t have rules they need to follow, so it’s not a level playing field.

    Adam has always been a guy who walks the line between cop and bad guy because he patterned himself after his first examples of what he always thought cops should be, Hank & Alvin (his first partner). Thoughout the seasons he has stepped over the line several times to get the job done and he was always a wildcard. You never knew which side of the line he would be on. I think now he has finally turned a corner and chosen the correct side, Kim’s side.

    That being said, this means that he is also taking Jay’s side, because as has been made clear in several other episode, Kim and Kevin have always looked to Jay for what to do when they don’t know if Voight is the right guy to follow. Like Jay, Kim and Kevin are wired though the heart and it makes them good people, and as an extension good cops. The three of them put the citizens first when it comes to policing and do the job right. Hailey, hasn’t always done so, but being Jay’s partner and wanting to be with him personally as well as professionally, she has slowly changed. The only real holdout was Adam, he was still firmly in the Voight camp, until this last episode. Having another of his mentors (Ortiz) fall from grace (Alvin already died because of Voight) and Kim coming to the bar to get him and take him “home” was what he needed to finally see the light. Kim and Makayla come first.

    Now what needs to happen is Jay needs to get everyone together secretly after shift and have them listen to Hailey tell them what happened the night Roy was killed and how Voight set Hailey up. Kevin who has never crossed the line, even when Voight tried to get him to kill an unarmed man who was threatening Kevin’s family. Kevin will understand how she was manipulated because Voight tried to manipulate Kevin too. Kim will feel relief that Roy is dead, but know that it should have been done the right way instead. She may have resentment towards Hailey for not telling her right away, but she will forgive her. Adam was the only one who would have defended Voight, but I think now that he knows he has Kim, has had a relationship with Hailey, and the fact that he obviously respects Jay and apparently thinks Jay is perfect (reflecting on his question to Hailey from episode 4 of this season) he will see that Voight can’t be trusted.

    How this will all get resolved is a big question in my mind because Voight can’t be written off the show. He is the antagonist to Jay’s protagonists and so how the writers will find a peaceful resolution between Jay and Voight is unclear to me. The bottom line is that Voight still has Haley’s bullets and can turn on her to save himself from the FBI investigation. What will Jay do to save his partner? Will he make a deal with the devil to save Hailey? I am very interested to find out, because if there was one thing in the world that could make Jay compromise his ethics, it would be to save Hailey.

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