‘The Flight Attendant’ 2×01 & 2×02 Review: Somehow Wilder Than Season 1

'The Flight Attendant' 2x01 & 2x02 Review: Somehow Crazier Than Season 1
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  1. Jim Preston says:

    Coincidentally Kaley Cuoco, the star in the Flight Attendant, looks like the real life flight attendant/CIA asset Vivienne Templeton who featured in Bill Fairclough’s fact based spy novels in The Burlington Files series. Vivienne Templeton (real name withheld) was a CIA operative in Haiti and the Caribbean. She was based in Fort Lauderdale working under the cover of being an air hostess who moonlighted by managing holiday lets in the Bahamas and Florida. The Burlington Files series is based on the life of a genuine spook, Bill Fairclough aka Edward Burlington. Have a look at TheBurlingtonFiles + Everipedia websites for photos of Vivienne in the seventies and see if you agree that she is like a twin of Kaley Cuoco.

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