Chicago P.D. 9×21 Review: “House of Cards”

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  1. Rich says:

    I loved this episode. I know I like the Anna storyline a lot more than you do. I have loved Carmela Zumbado’s performance as Anna throughout her arc and this may have been her best performance. She covered every emotion.

    It is easy to criticize Voight, but I don’t think that is completely fair in this episode. Voight was the one who has dealt with Anna the most. He was concerned about her spiraling out of control. Had he told her that Escano was involved in the sexual assaults, she very well could have completely unraveled. As it turned out, it caused her to become angry and more focused. Human behavior and emotions can be unpredictable. As it turned out, Hank may have saved her life by doing that. She slipped up when she mentioned the arrests to Escano. That she said what was put out publicly by the police rather than the truth, may have saved her in that moment. It is also easy to say that Hank only cares about the case and on some level that is true. However, he never criticized Jay and Hailey for stopping the rape. As far as Anna is concerned, if he lets her walk away as they move in to arrest Escano, then Escano would have figured out that she was working for the police which would put her in greater danger. Whether her cooperation to that point would allow her to go into witness protection is questionable.

    I also love Escano as a villain. He is a smart strategic thinker and worthy adversary. That he figured out what was going on, tried to bribe Voight and then attempted to wipe out Intelligence makes him the most formidable criminal adversary they have faced since Polpo. This now sets up what I have been waiting for since A Way Out, conflict between Jay and Hank. This will be where Jay attempts to protect Hank from himself. This is why it was necessary for Hailey to become injured. My guess is she will be in the hospital sidelined, but OK otherwise Jay could go crazy himself. I also think there is another possibility. Season 9 began with Kim in the hospital and Hailey by her bedside talking about Roy, maybe Season 9 ends with Hailey in the hospital and Kim by her bedside and Hailey tells her Roy is dead. That could be quite the cliff hanger and I like to think that Kim hasn’t been told of Roy’s death for a reason.

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