We’re Team JoJo Siwa After That So You Think You Can Dance 17×07 Argument

So You Think You Can Dance 17x07 SYTYCD Season 17 JoJo Siwa Leah Remini and tWitch
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  1. Ashley says:

    Definitely team Jojo! I love twitch but the only true trained dancer there is jojo. This is the first season I’ve watched in a couple of years so i don’t know what happened to Nigel or Mary but I agree with you-they need at least one more dancer. Also, I LOVED Virginia-that was a mistake.

  2. Shana says:

    I truly can’t believe what they did to Virginia. “Expose your trauma, and then, when the uninformed audience can’t see quality for what it is, we’re going to save…not you.” Like, what?

  3. Leslie says:

    I love Leah, but NOT for SYTYCD!! Dear girl doesn’t have a clue, however can we ask whoever the hell’s idea it was to hire her instead of blaming the girl for taking a paying job! Likewise, I like JoJo, but I feel she needs to have a discussion with the person that hired Leah instead of making faces and egging on the negative behaviors and bad press! Just my opinion!

  4. Shana says:

    Leslie, that’s a valid point. It’s definitely more down to whoever thought it was a good idea to hire Leah as a judge. While it may come across otherwise, especially in terms of the piece’s tone, we’re not trying to attack her as a person.

    Just…she’s wrong for this show. Her knowledge, on this particular subject, is just not there. And it’s glaring. So, if she’s going to get into arguments with JoJo, or really anyone else who knows what they’re talking about, while she’s acting as a judge, we’re pretty much always going to agree/side with the person with the actual knowledge.

  5. lewillia says:

    Shana, that was my point! Leah is wrong for this show!! Does anyone know why the previous judges didn’t come back?

  6. Shana says:

    Nigel had replied on twitter, from what I recall, about not being asked.I think I embedded his tweet in a previous post. If not, it’s out there somewhere. No idea on Mary, who’s clearly still supporting and watching because she posts on social every so often (though not nearly as much as in previous seasons). From what everyone seems to gather, someone at a higher level wanted to freshen things up or whatever, which is, of course, stupid. It was a dance show with some of the top, most versatile contestants you’ll see anywhere, great choreographers, and a lot of well-respected experts giving the feedback.That was the draw. Always. You don’t appeal to the next generation by weakening any of those three things. Oops.

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