Virgin River Season 4 Review: An Upgrade, In Every Way

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  1. Marta says:

    Whoever wrote dialogues to Virgin River never had a conversation with a human, perhaps with a robot! Nobody talks like this! It’s so fake and awkward. Oh an as a nurse I would advise hire an expert for the medical stuff, because a lot of things just didn’t make sense!

  2. Elaine Putman says:

    I loved it. Watched it through the the first day available on Netflix and watched the last Episode twice!! Can’t wait to watch it again!

  3. Natalie says:

    Sloppy writing this season, although it was so much more watchable than last season but so much goes unanswered and also this season I noticed a ton of details that made it hard to believe any of these actors did any research (or common sense) to the pretty big details in their character’s profession. The biggest thing that irked me was Jack in the kitchen preparing food for customers while not only handing the food with his bare hands with no gloves but also picking up his phone and chatting away….we all know how dirty phones are and that cooks wear gloves and at least and apron and some sort of hair covering. Homeboy didn’t even wash his hands. Barf.
    Then, all the baked goods uncovered in the food truck-ish bakery. All these restaurant scenarios are major health department violators and were especially noticeable after all the Covid precautions the world has seen for the last 2 years. I know Anette wasn’t in last season because she was afraid of catching Covid, why wouldn’t ahe notice food displayed open to the elements and every customer that walked up to the counter? …Lizzy texting on her iPhone then going straight tp help a customer without washing her hands….Do these people know how dirty cell phones are? Did anyone who hand a hand in creating this show not ever work in a restaurant? ALL sorta of food code violations. Then Mel….oh Mel…these characters don’t believe in hand sanitation even when their jobs require excellent hand hygiene. Mel came straight in from the street to deliver a newborn and waltzed in the room with her street clothes and no PPE, she put on a smock and gloves in front of the patient but her dirty hands that she just ran through her hair to pull in a ponytail touched the gloves she put on to deliver the baby.

    There also seemed to be a lot of heart attacks and fainting spells.

    Muriel being a desperate, shady & a backstabbing manipulator trying to get in Docs pants all last season and this season she is basically a saint who is Hope’s devoted friend? There was no weird between her, Doc and Hope? Mmmmk. But she googled how to be good to a friend with TBI.

    Then Brady has beef with Jack? Really? Sure he was innocent and got sent to jail and shanked and Jack wanted him in the slammer….but at that point he had done so much to Jack and been a shady friend that he really doesn’t have the justification to be that mad at him.

    The worst for me was the entire “Doc has a surprise grandson after never knowing he had a kid for 40 years“ story we had to scratch our heads at. Ummm ages don’t add up. Doc said his ex’s sister told him his ex sweetheart died 40 years ago but then his Asian grandson who lacks an ounce of resemblance to Doc’s family tree, shows up and he’s been in college for a few years, so he’s 22-23?
    No mention of teenage pregnancy but it’s been 40 years so his son was 40, Doc fought in Vietnam, went to college and was starting medical school by the age of 20-25?? He’s about 55 in the show?? He’s been with Hope since they were young and “beautiful” (Hope’s words). Too much brainpower was wasted trying to figure this out Also, SURPRISE, Doc’s baby mama is ALIVE!!! But she owes no explanation to Doc about, well….everything!?? Doc’s son died without him knowing he existed for 40 years. But she refuses an explanation to anyone? What an executive-level asshole! Denny was also shady and unlikable and by the time the very last episode explained anything I was so uninterested and grew to hate the guy, that I was hoping for him to just hurry up and betray Doc so that’d be the end of his character on the show. Poorly written character, I think it was done in an effort for the love triangle angle with Lizzy and Ricky so the boring Ricky wouldn’t have a reason to stick around on our Television screens and yawn induce us further into season 5. They even failed at that triangle drama though, he was basically his competitor’s cheer squad.

    I’m not even going to try and figure out how the entire Mel’s long dead husband’s frozen-sperm and Jack’s swimmers were competing for fertilization, storyline makes any sense whatsoever. Pretty sure IVF is a process, not done on a weekend breakup whim trip to LA, kind of thing.
    Plus, did I miss something? Jack said Charmaine was 5 months pregnant when he called 9-1-1? So he’s only been with Mel for a few months but Mel is 2 months pregnant? Joey and Mel are close and tell each other everything but Joey never mentioned being in a relationship with her HS boyfriend for an entire month? Just shows up at her house when they’re getting hitched after dating for a month and dropped that bomb on her doorstep? Mel dropped the pregnancy news, it seems like the natural time to tell her about her dude instead of driving hours through the night to Mel’s new town to tell her they’re getting married in her town the next day.

    Speaking of odd timelines, that would mean New Doctor whatshisnameagain would of been only working with Mel for 3 weeks. 4 weeks tops and already is so in love with Mel and fantasizing hard about settling down with Mel and being a stand in Daddy to her baby in utero after being coworkers for leas than a month? He feels comfortable enough to insert unwanted strong advice about her relationship and her choices about motherhood? Buying her a $400 fan, stockpiling healthy food in the kitchen? What!?? Dude just met her. He’s acting like they’ve known each other for years. His entire character was Stupid and unnecessary.

    Then Jack became overly triggered this season at reasons we knew nothing of (yes, I’m aware of how PTSD is) but he was a sloppy mess who drank all day like a sailor and kept messing up then he is all better and back to Happy Jack 2 days later? At the snails pace this show’s timeline progresses, it was poorly written. And also, his brother we never knew he had, fell off a roof, died and it was Jack’s fault and is the OG source of Jack’s trauma? Brie or Jack never mentioned that to anyone until now? Mmmk.

    Math, timelines and sanitation be damned Season 4, this season was still better than the last, Covid really threw a wrench things & the show suffered, I get it, but man this season was super sloppy writing. I did like a lot about this season but there were a lot of things that led to some variation of eye-rolls or head scratching while watching. Hopefully the writer’s are fully caffeinated when working on season 5 and give us viewer’s a break from all the confusing brain Olympics thrown in this season, and circle back to the small-town drama we know and love. After-all. Virgin River is where people move to go live the Simple, small town life. Simple and peaceful living is not supposed to be so complicated and confusing with a bunch of drama llamas we can’t keep straight.
    Also, thankful they nixed that creepy, very, Nick Cannon baby-mama drama storyline with Jack fathering the entire next generation of Virgin River residents. Hopefully Charmaine will be off the show moving forward, she’s A LOT!

    The first 2 seasons were great, I’m rooting for at least 2 more equally great seasons for this show.

  4. VIc says:

    Preacher keeps saying Christopher is his priority yet he’s spending the whole first half of the season flirting with a Paige lookalike and chopping vegetables. He doesn’t look concerned at all. A KID WENT MISSING!! Nonsenese and unbelievable storyline.

    The Hope storyline is sooooooo boorrriiinnnng. We’re supposed to believe she was at the hates of heaven just weeks before and now looks totally fine and is just a bit grumpy? Nope. End this nonense storyline. Doc’s handing of the situation is also totally unbelievable. People don’t act like that. If she had a TBI, you’d just get on with it and not be so reactive like he is. Everyone is towards Hope.

    The sewing circle ladies- ugh, why? They’re not doing anything in this season. Don’t see the point in any of them right now.

    The Ricky Lizzy story is soooo boooring. End it. Jeepers, Ricky acts like a 12 year old and Lizzy looks like her face was drawn with a Sharpie. I don’t believe they are besotted with each other at all. Plus, he just ats so dumb and childish all the time.
    If they’re sticking to his storyline from the books, he’ll come back missing a leg. Oh god I can’t bear the RIcky storyline.

    Mel and Jack – a bit too much pondering on back and forth from Jack, it’s not bad though and at least it’s the one consistent think in the whole season.
    Brie-Brady-Mike- ugh so boring. End it. Is she a nympho? She sleeps with everyone, and took no time to forgive BRady and sleep with him. It’s not interesting or believable especially as we all know she ends up wth Mike. Brady is just so….unlikeable to me. I don’t hink he’s a bad actor just not a leasant character. End it.

    Now to the best part – Charmaine had a good season 3 and had a good few parts in this season. I KNEW THE END IN SEASON 2. I just knew it. How that bombshell – the kids aren’t Jacks, – is a surprise to anyone, I can’t fathom. She had a great season. The one good character outside Mel and Jack.
    I don’t even like Doc. I don’t beleive anything he says. He’s too jumpy, pissed off, curmudgeonly, reactive. I just don’t believe him in the role.

    Paige – ugh, why/????? That stupid storyline is too back and forth. THey could have really made it a good storyline but they kessed up and why did Preacher go for a Paige twin?

    As for Cameron..did the writers WANT to have a bit of jealousy going on, or up the stakes?
    It just fell flat. If Cameron was supposed to really LIKE Mel, why didn’t it get written that way for real when Jack’s having one of his many many many many many snowlflakey I can’t handle it, moments?
    THe PTSD is just too much. There’s always a new thing with Jack.
    Looking into space, remembering yet another dead person that haunts him. Do we NEED that?
    No. It’s getting pathetic now.

    Anyways, the season was good. I’m glad they’re sticking to some of the book content.
    I hope the Sewing Circle, RIcky and Doc do’t come back next season. Doc/Hope die in the books. I just can’t bear that dragged out storyline with Doc and Hope. Her character is one sided and dull by now.


  5. Isabelle says:

    Oh, and I just rewatched the first 3 episodes of season one and when there was the abandoned baby plotline (Chloe) Jack says the reason he is good with babies (and girly stuff) is because he has FOUR sisters and many nieces and nephews… One would think that the writers would keep track of their characters’backstories…

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