‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×05 Review: “Pink Cloud”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said. They are actually handling Hailey’s reaction to Jay’s departure better than they handled Jay’s departure. Hailey burying her feelings and throwing herself into her work is completely consistent with her character. It seems that they are going to take their time in having her address her pain which is a good thing.

    I am not so sure I like them going after the Chief’s son and possibly the Chief. We have seen this before with Woods and Kelton and while this would be somewhat different, I am not sure I need to see it again. If they bring Miller back for a few episodes to support Voight and Hailey in this, I would like that. As a completely wild idea, having Hailey seek North’s help (he was such a good character actor I wouldn’t mind seeing him again) with the prospect of taking down a corrupt police chief enticing the ambitious FBI agent.

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